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If you have started up a blog and are trying to improve it, you’ve come just to the right place. Running a blog is something a lot of people enjoy, it gives them a chance to express themselves and build a community. Once you’ve launched your blog and have established it, then now is the time to start trying to improve it, in order for it to keep on growing. 

There are many ways in which you can grow your blog – you can build an email list, work on your imagery, improve your internal linking, concentrate on your social media channels and much more. The key to improving is to be consistent and work hard. Don’t expect your number to change overnight. It takes time but by applying some positive changes to your blog, you’ll soon see your audience numbers on Google Analytics increase. 

In order to help you with improving your blog, we have put together our guide on tips for running a successful blog. We hope a number of them should help.

Concentrate on your imagery 

We can not stress to you enough the importance of good imagery on a blog. Good images can enhance the text that you have written as well as bring visuals to help readers enjoy your article more. Don’t just go for any old image, instead look into editorial stock photos that really portray what you are saying. If you can’t find the right image, don’t be afraid to go out and take it yourself – if that’s possible. If your readers are seeing good images on your site, then they are more likely to return to your site – increasing your return viewers – as well as sharing your articles on social media channels – increasing your new viewers. 

Build an email list 

When running a blog, it’s important to gather as much information about the people who are using your site as possible. A way to do this is to add an email sign-up banner on your site to collect their email addresses. Once you have their email addresses, you can then email them once or twice a month to increase your readership. When you are running specific campaigns, this is a great opportunity to tell your readers about it and improve the success of that campaign. If you have never done an email campaign before, there are many companies that offer email marketing for you. What we would suggest is signing up for one, trying them out and then leaving if you don’t get along with them. 

Improve your internal linking 

Internal linking is when you link an article on your site to another article that is on your site that you think relates to the piece you have just written. For example, if you write about interiors –  like our how to redecorate your living area in 3 steps, you would do an internal link to another interiors article as that is relevant to what is being written. The reason you do internal linking is so that your readers stay on your site for longer and discover new content that they may be interested in. 

Concentrate on your social media channels 

Social media is an extremely powerful tool and something every business should be using – especially if you run a blog. Spend some time working on your social media channels, researching all the top tips for improving them. There are so many different strategies that you can do to improve the performance of your channels. A simple tip is to post more frequently and ensure you are publishing unique content. Make sure you are signed up for the right social media channels for the content you produce, there are so many different channels to choose from now. You have Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube – the list keeps going.

When making changes to your blog and applying some of the tips above, try to do one or two at the same time. Don’t fall into the trap of applying them all and taking on too much. Often when you take too much on, you will find the results aren’t as good as when you try one or two of them. 

Have you recently started up your own blog and are looking to improve it? Which of the above tips did you find most useful? Have you got any tips that you would like to share? If there is anything you would like to add that will benefit our readers, please leave a comment in the comment box below. 

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