One Cute Ass Candle With A Wicked Side: PyroPet Kisa

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Howdy everyone! I hope that you are all having a great first week of 2017? I have been struggling a bit, to be honest, because of family matters, but I am here and slowly getting stuff done. Today I wanted to share with you a super unique candle that I was sent from PyroPet.

This bugger is so stinking awesome, to say the least. PyroPet has an amazing line of candles including the Kisa (which means kitty Icelandic) that actually melts away to reveal a skeleton. Here is a little video showing you how it all works.

Freaking cool right? This baby is really a work of art 🙂

The Story of Kisa

As the sun begins to set and the shadows lengthen on the wall take a match and light the wick on Kisa. Settle into a cozy chair and relax. Watch as Kisa burns. Look at her shadow on the wall. A lazy warping profile of a kitten in the gathering evening darkness. But look closer. That is no kitten’s profile. That is a skeleton’s profile! Now look back at your candle. Your cute kitten’s now melted skin has peeled back to reveal a menacing flame scorched skeleton. Its sharp teeth glinting in the candle light and fire filled eyes staring back at you unblinking and unamused.

The idea of PyroPet came from the mind of Thorunn Arnadottir whom is an Icelandic designer based in ReykjavĂ­k. As one day she sat watching a Santa Clause candle melt she thought to herself “ I wondered if I could elevate this commonplace ritual sacrifice into a true theatre of the macabre in wax.”

While cats have a cute side, they also have a dark side as well. The Kisa PryoPet is a representation of a cute kitty while the wax is not melted then as the wax melts it reveals the darker side. Cats have always been associated with witchcraft and sorcery. Kisa was created to capture this duality. Kisa performs a slowly unfolding transformation from cute kitty to brooding skeleton.

I really did not want to burn mine but save it for a day I could just sit and watch it. Yet, I could not resist. It took a good while for the skeleton to start to reveal and it was beautiful. I would totally check out PyroPet and their line of candles. Not only do they have a Kisa but they also offer many others which you can see here.

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