On-Trend Solar Cafe Lights Brings Your Outdoor Space To Life

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Ello, folks! We finally are starting to dry out here in the mountains and since everyone is spending more time at home I just had to share these amazing solar cafe lights with you.

Jasco’s newest product, Enbrighten USB/Solar-Powered Café Lights dazzle any deck or indoor space with trendy, ambient LED lighting. 

I have been working on our deck for sometime but I think I am about ready to complete the project to the point, where I am in love with it. The Jasco Cafe lights are the perfect touch around our BBQ Canopy.

It really sets off the perfect mood for fun evenings under the stars. One thing that I love about these Cafe lights is that they have so many different functions, in fact 14!

cafe lights

Since there are 14 different modes and colors, some that twinkle others solid. You can find a color for any even you might be having. These lights are perfect for holidays and game day tailgates.

My personal favorite is the solid different colors and the blue which you can see below.

cafe lights
cafe lights

I just adore the atmosphere on our deck and it is a space that I enjoy during the day and evening hours.

When it comes to putting up your new Cafe lights it comes with everything you need but the zip ties to attach the lights. These could be put anywhere!

Since the Cafe lights are powered by solar and come with a remote you can set it and forget it! No, turning on and off in the night.

These lights come in 12 foot and 24 foot so I am sure you can find the right amount that you need.

These are available online:

12-foot lights: https://enbrightenme.com/enbrighten-solar-light-bundle-enbrighten-usb-powered-color-changing-led-cafe-lights-12-bulbs-12ft-black-cord-and-solar-panel-power-source

24-foot lights: https://enbrightenme.com/enbrighten-solar-light-bundle-enbrighten-usb-powered-color-changing-led-cafe-lights-24-bulbs-24ft-black-cord-and-solar-panel-power-source

I do hope that you check them out and bring your outdoor space to life with these amazing cafe lights. Happy decorating.

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