Off-Grid Living: 5 Additions Your Home Needs To Have To Support Your Lifestyle

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Photo by Josh Hartley from Pexels

Living off the grid is not for everyone. However, with the advent of remote working, more and more households have opted to join this lifestyle. If you have opted for this, there are important addition that your home should have. 

These extras undoubtedly add value to the property itself – but also make it safer, livable, and more comfortable for everyone. If you are planning to work remotely and enjoy a lifestyle in close contact with nature, you should not overlook these additions that your home should have. Get started today!

Solar Panels

Today, only 3% of all homeowners in the US utilize solar energy for their household energy needs. However, since the surpassing of the 1 million installations mark, the percentage is growing extremely rapidly. If you have opted to live off-grid, you might have decided to do so also for environmental reasons.

Solar panels allow you to live in complete independence while ensuring a continued and reliable flow of energy to the house. And, they can help you save a lot on bills!

A Septic Tank

If you live off-grid, the chances are that your property is not connected to the public water mains. In this case, you might not be able to take advantage of the public sewage system. However, there are valid alternatives that allow you to dispose of your household waste in all safety. One of the most common alternatives is the installation of a septic tank. 

This system uses the principle of gravity to separate and dispose of the different types of waste. 

Alongside a septic tank, you should consider installing a sump pump that allows you to better manage the moisture affecting your home’s basement or crawl space. Partnering with a sump pump installation company is particularly important if you have a septic tank installed. 

A Water Collection System

Homeowners that opt for an off-grid lifestyle often don’t have access to public water mains. While this can be a blessing and allow you to significantly cut your bills and expenses, you will need to find alternative solutions to guarantee that your home can always rely on running water. 

A water collection system, for example, can help you store clean water and collect rainwater to run important appliances and amenities inside the home. 

An Emergency Generator

When living in such close contact with nature, it is possible for you to face significant emergencies. In most cases, looking after your home and having a security system in place can help you remain protected. 

However, you would not want to remain without power in an emergency situation! A generator can help you keep your whole home running in adverse weather events – which continue to increase at an impressive rate

Food Storage Facilities

Households that prefer to live off the grid might find that access to facilities and amenities is not always to be taken for granted. That is why, in most cases, off-grid homeowners opt to grow a portion of their own food and create ample facilities for storing staples. Make sure you are prepared!

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