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Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet: Perfect for My Older Pet And A Spring Time Picnic

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With spring fully here I am so excited to see the warmer temperatures and so are my little fur babies. Winter can be hard especially for an old dog, such as Ricky. I have had Ricky a long time, and I cherish each and every moment with him. As he has grown older, I have noticed small but meaningful changes in his demeanor and the way that he plays. The cold can take a toll on an older dog’s joints so in the spring we get up and get out while we can.

One thing that Ricky and I love to do is a picnic lunch in the mountains or just in the yard. I take my food (just a little Cow Candy) and a little something for Ricky as well, but this year I will be taking the Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet for Ricky. (Always remember water when heading out in the summer with your pets).

Recently, I have started to work with on a couple of posts including my Growing Up Ike series about the new puppy in the home (make sure to check out the giveaway). In this series, I have talked about Nutro Dog food and how much of a change I have seen personally in Ike, so after much thought I have decided to switch Ricky’s food up as well. This was actually not an easy decision since Ricky is much older (ten in fact) and because each time I tried to switch out his food, he would either not eat it or simply would get sick. I simply had given up on feeding him the proper adult food that he needed, till I thought more about it and the Nutro line of food.

Ricky And Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet (Turkey & Potato)

When it comes to Ricky, I am very particular about what he eats. The poor little man has had a time with his stomach and his teeth (which I will get into later on). I feed Ricky twice a day, once in the morning and then again in the evening. I put about a half a cup of dry dog food and a couple of spoons of the wet dog food. I never switched him totally over to wet food because I feel that he needs the dry harder food to help with plaque and the such. This has worked for me great and he really enjoys having both.

Ricky does get a little treat such as a bit of food when we go on a picnic. Here he is enjoying our little outting today.

When I received the Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet, I was so excited to see if he would even eat it but he gobbled it up! One thing about Ricky is that he will walk around his food for a bit before slowly eating it down at his pleasure. This can be challenging with a new puppy. So I would have to stand guard. Since I moved him over to the Nutro Limited Ingredient he no longer “plays around” with his food. He simply goes to work and gobbles it up. He certainly is a messy eater 😉

Why I Choose Nutro Limited Ingredient

There are a couple of reason that I chose this Nutro food over the others. The first reason is that I love that it is Grain-Free. I have always fed all of my dogs grain free food but had a time finding a wet dog food that met my standards and something that Ricky would enjoy. Some grains, such as corn or wheat, can trigger a food allergy or digestive issues in dogs. Nutro Grain Free Adult Farm Raised Turkey & Potato Recipe Premium Loaf contains 0% grain. I think that due to the grain in other wet foods, Ricky had a terrible problem with them and silently by not eating or not eating much he was telling me “No”.

Another reason why I choose the Limited Ingredient Diet is because of just that, it has limited ingredients. I hate reading a dog food label that looks like it is in another language. Everything in this food I either already knew what it was or it was just a simple google search.

So far I am impressed with the Limited Ingredient Dog Food for Ricky. I think that this is a great tasty treat for him along with his dry dog food (which is also grain-free). Nutro offers a huge line of different foods for all stages of life when it comes to dogs, and I really can’t believe I did not make the switch sooner. I love knowing what is in his food and that it is made in the USA. You can check out the Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free (adult) online at, and I can tell you one thing that if Ricky could write a blog post, he would tell you “It is yummy…Paw for it”…





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