Notebook Teacher Gift: #Free Printable Included

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Last week I posted this really cute “re-mark-able” teacher gift with free printable and today I wanted to share this really cute Notebook teachers gift. Before you know it, it will be time to wake the kids up early, get them on the bus, and send them off to a brand new school year. I just love how these little Notebook teacher gifts turned out and they are really easy to make. 

Notebook Teachers Gift

I just love giving teachers cute little gifts and this is the perfect combination of wittiness and cuteness. Below you will find the FREE printable and instructions on how to make these. 

How To Make Notebook Teachers Gifts


  • Printable gift tag
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Small notebook
  • Sticky notes
  • Tape
  • Ribbon or twine

The first thing you will want to do is to print out the note tags on card stock and cut out along the outer edge. 

Print Out PDF Here For This Craft

Stack the sticky notepad on top of the small notepad. Secure them together with a piece of tape. Place the gift tag on top of the sticky notepad and secure with tape. Lastly, tie a piece of ribbon or twine along the side of the gift for decoration. Secure the ribbon to the back of the notebook with a piece of tape.

Notebook Teachers Gift

How easy is that?!? I think these are just adorable and a super cute teacher’s gift. Make sure to check out the “re-mark-able” teacher gift because it is just as cute!!

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