Natural Home Accents From Papaya

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You might have noticed I am chatting a good bit about trends when it comes to home decor for 2021 and furniture from Papaya is the perfect place to shop. This year wood accents and wood furniture seem to be trending and the selection from Papaya are amazing, really!

I am one of those people, that never really like bringing unfinished, or unstained wood into my home till I saw some of the options of Papaya and how they incorporated the wood into their pieces is simply beautiful, stunning really.

One option that I would like to share with you is their Pivot Marble coffee table. This brings two elements into the room. You have your wood of course, but then this beautiful marble top.


Having these two elements together really work well for any type of home or home decor you might have.

Another option that I would like to share with you is this beautiful chair. Now, honestly, I have fallen a bit in love with this chair.


This chair is actually crafted from oak and really looks amazing again with any home decor you might already have. This helps you to bring a bit of wood and nature into the home with ease.

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