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My First Day With My New Planner From Me & My Big Ideas

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Woot!! I am so excited to start my journey into planning. I have to be honest I have never been big on planners or organization, but as my blog is growing and my life is going bonkers, I need some way to stay organized and on task. About two weeks ago I decided to take the big leap and purchase a Me & My Big Ideas Planner, and I am so happy that I did. 

Why Planners Never Worked For Me:

I think that I have always had a hard time with planners because they were so boring. You just write crap down, and that is that. How dull! After much searching online I came across a blog posting about Glam Planning and I fell in love the moment I finished reading the posting. All the cute things people were adding to their planner to make it special and something personal. I LOVED IT!!

Me & My Big Ideas have many good option when it comes to their planners, and I choose the “Good Things Are Going To Happen”.  Each month and week is a total blank canvas to make each page how you would like them. Here is a video just about their planner. 

How cute is that right? I just love it!! When I purchased the planner, I also decided to purchase a couple of different sticker packs and cards so that I could make this planner my own. So far I have decorated for next week and have begun to add things that I need to do. This is by far everything that needs to be done, but I am working on it. I don’t think I did too bad for my first time.

I decided the best way for me to plan is on Sunday nights take an hour to set up my planner for the following week. I just hope that I can keep this up. My huge step in 2016 is to become more organized and on task. I feel that this planner and glam planning is perfect for me. 

I also decided to purchase their Happy Planner Storage Bag. This thing is amazing!! I can put everything that I need in it so that I always have everything together (another way to become organized). I will be posting once a week with my progress and the design of my planner for that week. I am so excited to share my journey with you all!!


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