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Move Over Cold Coffee Brands, Explorer Cold Brew Is Here

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K. So I am a HUGE Cold brew coffee lover. I like to think of myself a snob when it comes to coffee, but Explorer Cold Brew has freaking nailed it! Good Job, guys and gals. Wowza. I have tasted so many coffees since I have started to blog and most of them have been just fine, but I am sorry Explorer has ya beat.

They are a high quality, ethically sourced, supremely concentrated cold brew based in Brooklyn.

Their  COLD BREW & FLAVOR SYRUP BUNDLE makes the perfect holiday gift for friends, family, and co-workers. As well as their 4 CAFFEINE SAMPLER makes a great stocking stuffer, and their NO CAF CONCENTRATE is perfect for coffee-loving pregnant moms (and me!). 

I don’t drink caffeine anymore, can you believe it? But I still I do still need that taste in the morning, afternoon, and evening. I just have to have it. That fresh roast of amazing No Caf Concentrate is out of this world good. I know if you drink regular coffee and then try decaf that you usually have that odd flavor right? That is just not right. BUT Explorer No Caf Concentrate is just as good as regular and a bet their caffeine is out of this world amazing.

So not only have I been testing out the amazing No Caf but hold the phone, I have tried their Flavor Elixirs, to be exact the Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel, and let’s just say I have been drinking nothing since. The flavor is perfect for the fall season and the Caramel…I mean…What can I really say about Caramel other than, “get ya some”.

So this will be the only coffee brand in our upcoming holiday guide because they have stolen the show. Sorry but not sorry “other coffee guys”, heck even Starbucks can’t make this blend as good as the Explorer coffee did. I can’t wait to try out more of their Elixirs, which is honestly just not for coffee. You could use them for sodas and cocktails…just sayin’

Head on over to Explorer coffee and pick up some of their coffee and flavors. You will be emailing me and thanking me for bringing this amazing brand to you. Sip happy, my friends.


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