Mistakes People do While Selecting Paints for Homes

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Sometimes we see that our home does not look like the same as it thought to be. This is mainly due to mistakes in choosing the wall paints.  In fact, selecting the right paint is an overwhelming task. This blog highlights the common mistakes so that they can be avoided.

1. Choosing the same wall paint for every room

Painting the interior is all about creating the right ambiance.  Since colors affect us in many ways, it is vital to select colors on how you want to feel. For instance, you should choose a calming color palette for your bedroom.  A neutral shade is ideal for the living room. So, you must consider these things while choosing the paints.

2. Selecting the paint colors online

The modern technology has made us habituated to do everything electronically. Sometimes people adopt the same technique and select color of the paints from the internet. This is definitely easier but may lead to disastrous results. As technology cannot show you the accurate color, you are likely to land with something different than what you wanted.

3. Depending on the color strip

There are people who visit a physical color store but depend on the color strips. Color strips help you to get close to what you have in mind. But you may be confused while going from light to dark shades.  As such, they should not be relied upon to take a crucial color decision.

4.  Not trying a sample

It is very difficult to carry a color in the head. Maybe you are exceptional, but most of the people fail to do that. Selecting paint colors based on what you have in mind may land you up in a mess. You should, therefore, always try a sample before you take the final decision.

People usually select paint colors trying tiny paint swatches directly on the walls. This is not correct. Instead, they should be painted on the sample boards and move those around the room. The process should be repeated at different times of the day to access the effect. This way you will get the right shade.

5. Not considering the existing colors

A majority of the people fails to consider the furniture while choosing the paint color. This is erroneous. The color of the décor elements may clash with the paint color and produce unsatisfactory results. Better, select a paint color that complements the various objects in the room for a nice facelift.

6. Ignoring the natural light

More than often, people do not consider natural light availability. In the end, they make a mess of everything.  They go after dark colors for making a bold statement. If there is not sufficient natural light, this makes the room darker.  A light shed would be better for such places as this will enliven the place. So, you must take natural lights into account while selecting the paint color.

7.  Going after a trendy color

Décor trends can be a source of inspiration. But it will be a gross mistake if you put trends above your style and taste. The effect of color is very complex as the same color may evoke different reactions in different people. If you find any color depressing never use that, no matter how trendy that is.

8. Too much of color matching

Decorating the home means creating a visual interest. Your eyes must be provided with a landing space for that. Too much of color matching can ruin this purpose.  Ensure that there is no clashing of colors and the paint color and other decors complement each other. Choosing lighter and darker shades of the same color is a good option to avoid such mistakes.

9.  Ignoring the floor

The color of the floor has also a great impact on the overall decoration. But, a majority of the people fails to consider this. The paint color should align with the color of the floor for a nice overall effect. Since opposites attract, you may go for a bright paint color when the floor has a dark shade.

10. Dividing the floor open-space floor

Using contrasting colors on the walls of the open floor ruins the harmony. This fails to generate the feeling of separate space and look amateurish. Better, paint them in different shades of the same color. This gives a better effect.

11. Trying to play safe

People have a perception that neutral tones are a utopian panacea. But, decorating is all about playing with your creativity and imagination. If you stick to the neutral tones only, it turns the place dull and drab.

12. You are not adding greeneries

The presence of trees and plants in the interior can spruce the home up. They add color complementing the wall paint. But, the live plants come with a box load of associated hassles. They need water and fertilizers, and pesticides to keep them healthy. Having no such hassles the artificial landscaping plants and trees are the godsend alternative.

They are available in many varieties, flowers, trees, plants, topiaries etc. The best part of the artificial indoor trees is that they do not decay and die. Having no sunlight requirement, they can also be placed in the darkest corners.

These interior landscaping products are made using premium quality foliage and strong colorfast pigment. Passing through a number of process developments they are now crafted 100% botanically correct. Including them in the home can create a stunning ambiance.

If you want to create a focal point the topiary artificial trees are the best for that. They are available in various shapes and when illuminated backs up the wall paint.  Infused with UV blockers, they never get discolored and the fire retardant trees make the indoor safe from fire hazards.


Painting the home is not as simple as grabbing furniture. Paints cannot be changed often. So, you have to be sure that you will be happy with the color for a long time. Now that you know the common mistakes, you can safely undertake a journey down the paint aisle.

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