Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies: Made With Florida Crystals

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One thing in life that I love is hot chocolate! Yet, to make it even better Mexican Hot Chocolate is amazing, but to go one step further, Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies are the bomb.com ? Today I wanted to share a recipe with you that was created by the good people over at Florida Crystals that is totally simple, yet the family is sure to love.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

I just adore this recipe and totally had to share it with you all! Florida Crystals have other amazing recipes on their site, and I totally suggest checking them out, but the Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies are the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. These certainly could be the center of attention of your holiday season, and there is nothing better than making these with the entire family.



Below you will find a recipe for you to print out and save. I do hope that you check these out as they are so stinking good.

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