Meet Ricky’s Cuddle Clone

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Sometimes I do wish that I had about 12 Ricky pups in my life. He is such a chill dog that loves to nap as much as he does play. As Ricky gets older we are cherishing every moment with him and recently I had a chance to check out Cuddle Clones.

Cuddle Clones is a Plush pet duplicate. Does your child wish they could take their pet with them wherever they go?  Turn their best furry friend in a huggable, handmade plush duplicate from Cuddle Clones. Dogs, cats, horses, rabbits … all of those and more can be transformed into stuffed animals that are easy to take anywhere!

Customize your Cuddle Clone creation by uploading photos of your pet and then choosing details like eye color, eye position, age, and any distinguishing features or marks.  Makes a great substitute when the real thing can’t tag along!

It was so funny when I first opened up our new Cuddle Clone! Ricky went bonkers poking at him trying to get him to play. Poor thing that it really was a new little buddy, but now he loves to just lay around with it.

Since I got the Cuddle Clone laying down it is perfect for when Ricky is napping to have a little something close to him. He used to always sleep with a certain plush toy when he slept but we lost it in the fire, so this is his new sleeping buddy.

He still does not like looking him right in the face which is super funny but he is getting used to it.

I was very surprised to the detail and shading that they put into this plush. They even made the plush have a little darker tummy like my boy Ricky since he is a bit older. They also got the shading on the ears perfect!

I am so pleased with Cuddle Clones and could not be happier with the result. I would highly suggest making one of your pet. The process is easy and then all you have to do is wait for your clone to arrive. This is a great gift for anyone or something special for yourself.

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