Making Your Home More Secure This Winter

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Is your home secure for the coming season? Does it have an adequate alarm system in place and lighting that deters trespassers and gives the impression that the property is occupied? If not, it’s a good time to act. Also, consider getting in touch with a reliable pest control service. 

Lock doors and windows 

It might seem obvious to lock your doors and windows for security purposes. That said, it’s surprising how many individuals forget to do this and end up with insurance issues after break-ins. So always ensure your doors and windows are locked, even when you’re in the home. 

Some homeowners think that high windows and sliding doors are secure enough; as a result, they don’t lock them or take any security measures, which only weakens the security of your home. Instead, always close and lock high-up windows and use security bars for sliding doors.   

Use timed lighting 

Winter is a perfect time to head off on vacation. It’s an excellent time to head north for some skiing and snowboarding or to spend some time in an idyllic winter cabin in the woods. The trouble is that crime can take place in the winter when you’re away from your property. 

Along with ensuring your property is adequately secured and has the appropriate security measures in place, it’s a good idea to use some timed lighting. Timed lights are set to come on and go off at obvious times, making it look as though someone is home most of the time.   

Contact a pest control service

Crime and security are not the only issues you have to contend with during the winter months. You might think that pests aren’t an issue in winter; after all, the peak time for pests is in the summer, and that is a distant memory. But fall and winter are also peak times for pests. 

You might be surprised to encounter mosquitoes in the fall months when you’re standing on your porch roasting marshmallows. Unfortunately, these nasty insects are still around at this time. Mosquitoes carry some dangerous diseases, so contact mosquito control

Install outdoor lights 

As with timed lights, outdoor lighting can be an excellent deterrent to thieves and criminals looking to break in during the dark winter months. Outdoor lights can be static or timed; they can also be motion sensor lights that come on when someone walks in the driveway or garden.  

Lights that come on unexpectedly tend to frighten off trespassers; they have the added benefit of helping you to see when you come home from a night out or from the retail park during the festive season. Outdoor lights can also be linked to your home’s central security system. 

Test your alarm system 

If your home doesn’t have a security system or an alarm, it’s time to have one installed. An alarm system is not only an effective deterrent; it can be hooked up to the local police services for a faster response. Modern security systems also give you real-time mobile updates.  

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