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Making Your Home as Comfortable as Possible This Winter

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December has arrived and we are in the midst of winter. This can only mean one thing –  the temperature has dropped and the weather really has taken a turn for the worse. This has knock on consequences! The majority of us are relatively reluctant to head outside into the storm and are opting to stay in our homes instead. Now, if you’re going to be spending more time in your home, you’re going to want to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible! Here are just a few different steps that you can take to achieve this!

Carry Out Home Repairs As Soon As Possible

During the summer, we tend to be able to put repair jobs off. After all, the sun and dry weather are relatively forgiving. A small hole in the roof can be brushed under the carpet, as there isn’t much rain to cause any damage inside our home. If the boiler is off, you will be warm enough without out. A crack in a window isn’t going to cause all too much hassle. However, when things get cold and there’s more wind, ice, frost, and rain, you’re going to have to face up to these tasks pretty quickly. You don’t want to face flooded interiors, damaged electrics, cold showers, and other complications in your home!


Another thing that we tend to neglect throughout the summer is ensuring that our properties are effectively insulated. Many of us move into our homes assuming that they have the best quality insulation already installed. But there are actually so many buildings out there that lack the basics. So, make sure to give absolute everything a good check over. Your windows should be double glazed, and your attic or loft space should have thick insulation to prevent heat loss through your roof.

Heated Towel Rails

We tend to have a shower first thing in the morning before we head to work, and during the winter months, nothing can really beat a hot steamy flow of water to wake you up in the morning. It can prove invigorating yet relaxing at the same time. But at some point, you are, unfortunately, going to have to get out and this is something that many of us dread. Who wants to step from a toasty chamber into the brisk and biting air of the rest of your bathroom? Consider softening this inevitable blow of this by investing in a heated towel rail. This will allow you to slip straight into a nice warm towel when you get out. If you don’t want to purchase a heated towel rail, you could always just place your towel on the radiator in your bathroom to heat it up a little.

Underfloor Heating

Now, underfloor heating is by no means cheap and is definitely a luxury. But if you’re looking to truly treat yourself, this could be the perfect option for you. It is generally best in rooms that have to have hard floors for hygienic and cleaning purposes (such as the kitchen or bathroom). These surfaces tend to get pretty cold during the winter months and walking across them can give you a chill. Underfloor heating will allow you to adjust their temperature and you can kick your slippers aside for a toasty underfoot experience.


If you’re going to spend more time in your home, you’re bound to spend more time seated in front of the television or with your feet up reading a book. So, make sure that your seating options are as comfortable as possible! Consider huge beanbags. These are squishy, allow you to stretch out in whatever position you like, and also serve as the perfect place to nap. They can be found only at www.ComfySacks.com. You may also want to invest in a few throws in your seating space. These can be wrapped around you when you sit down with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and your favourite festive film!


If you haven’t replaced your summer duvet with a winter duvet, now is the best time to do it. But what actually is the difference between the two? Well, summer duvets have a lower tog rating, which means that they tend to be thinner and more lightweight. Their purpose is to provide you with some sort of cover for the night with purposes of comfort in mind rather than warmth and  insulation being priority. Winter duvets, on the other hand, generally have a much higher tog rating. They are a lot heavier and thicker and consequently keep the heat in a lot more than a summer duvet will be able to. If you’re still feeling the chill regardless of investing in a winter duvet, you might want to consider adding some extra throws to your bedding or a bed runner across the bottom that will cover your feet (which tend to get a little chilly when the temperature drops).

These are just a few different steps that you can take if you intend to make your home as comfortable as possible throughout the winter months. While you may not get year round use out of all of these items, they can be turned off or placed into storage and can then be brought back out year after year as and when you need. So, get investing and give yourself the opportunity to truly enjoy the upcoming chilly months!

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