Madeleine Cookies With RumChata Icing

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Do you love RumChata? You have to check out this super simple icing that I used on Madeleine Cookies from Donsuemor. These are fun to make and are really a great way to entertain guests this holiday season. Not only are they individually wrapped but you can pick up these babies at Costco or online!

I must say that my husband and the entire family have fallen in love with these little babies and I know that you will as well. No matter if you are eating them by themselves or dipping them in chocolate your family will totally go “bonkers” over these sweet treats. 

For 40 years they have been committed to classic baking techniques and artisanship while gaining brand loyalty from consumers. Their products are produced in small batches with an emphasis on high-quality ingredients and tight quality control for product consistency and excellence. They are BRC certified, AA rating, NSF and Kosher Certified.

I decided to go a little bit out of the box an instead of simply dipping the tips in chocolate with a few sprinkles made a super simple Rum Chata Icing. Let’s just say that these were gone in just a few moments time.

Below you will find a recipe to make this amazing icing and I do hope that you check it out! Also, make sure to grab up some Donsuemor as I know you will love it as much as my family does. 

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