Love Your Life. Watch Your Heart With Steel HR

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I am the type of person that loves tech but not only tech but tech that can actually help you live a better lifestyle. Steel HR is just that, a smartwatch that lets you do more. Steel HR by withings has to be the most beautiful smartwatch I have seen in some time.

I know people say “looks aren’t everything” but when it comes to tech that I wear I want it to be beautiful and sleek. I want to be able to wear it out on the town or just lounging at home.

Setting up your new Steel HR Hybrid smartwatch is so easy. You just follow the instructions in the health mate app and you are good to go. I chat about this a bit later on in the posting but wanted to get straight to what this amazing smartwatch can do.

Steel HR does just about everything you can think of when it comes to your health and wellbeing. One thing that really stands out to me is the sleep monitoring. I have the worst time sleeping so having a device that is comfortable to sleep in and get the results is perfect. Steel HR is not bulky by any means and so comfortable to wear, even at night.

If you wear Steel HR to bed it will automatically track light and deep sleep cycles, duration, and sleep quality via the Sleep Score. Plus, the Smart Wake-up feature can get you out of bed at the best time according to your sleep cycle.

Sleep tracking helps you understand your night and make choices that can improve them. Studies have shown that better sleep helps people manage weight, reduce blood pressure, and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular events.

Since this is a smart watch of course it does all the other functions that you might find in a smart watch. Including, tracking your fitness. Let’s say that you are playing basketball. This will activate a timer, continuous heart rate connected GPS. Open Health mate after your workout to get duration, distance, and your path map.

Steel HR also features automatic exercise recognition at all times so you get credit for all your moves. Our proprietary artificial intelligence learns your specific moves for each activity for even more accurate & personalized tracking experience.

I have owned a lot of smartwatches and activity watches through my time blogging and honestly, this one is by far the best choice when it comes to the capabilities of the watch down to the price of the watch.

To get started you can either download the Health Mate app in the apple store or in the google play. Having the choice of either using iOS or Android is perfect because no matter the phone you have you can still get all the amazing features when it comes to the Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch.

It does not take long at all to set up and one thing that I love is that the instructions are super simple. The longest part was waiting for the update honestly.

Steel HR Hybrid SmartWatch Facts:

·       Activity and sleep tracking

·       Heart rate monitoring

·       Battery lasts up to 25 days

·       Water resistance up to 50m

·       Smartphone notifications

·       In-depth metrics in the Health Mate App

·       Easy to customize bands

In all, the Steel HR is an amazing watch that is easy to customize and change out bands. The price of the Steel HR is under $200.00 making this not only functional but practical. I have been using this watch for 15 days now and I have not had to charge it yet, so we are heading to day 25. If it should not make it I will update but I don’t see that this will be a problem at all.

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