Like Resetting The Clock: Helping The Family Make A New Start

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When it comes to a new start it compasses so many different things. It’s not just about moving house, or tying up loose administrative ends; it’s about that whole experience of the unknown. When you have children in tow, this has a direct bearing on their life, and can affect them for years afterwards. As such, we need to figure out ways to ease the whole family into this new beginning. It’s all about the transition. What can we do to help our family?


Starting On A Positive Note

It’s not just about showing that sense of excitement, but it’s about making sure that you’ve minimised all stress at your end. When we think about the administrative practices, like the right moving company, these things can fall through. This is why you need to pick a company that you can rely on. Luckily, there are many out there; Van Lines are one of many, that can help with long haul journeys. As well as this, we need to think about communicating a happy tone. Your family might very well believe that everything is terrible right now, so, instead, think about how you communicate everything. Your tone of voice is crucial.


Taking It Slow

Because of the upheaval, it can be a very anxiety-inducing process, not just for yourself, but the children as well. It’s essential to take it as slow as humanly possible. Some people like to jump right in and this gives them the opportunity not to dwell. It’s all very dependent on your family. Sometimes distraction works wonders, in which case, giving your children the chance to view this new place, by taking them to all the big tourist sights and showing them how much more there is to this new place than your old home, can benefit.


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Everything can’t go perfectly. When we go somewhere different, even if it’s to make a fresh change, we have to anticipate that there will be setbacks. Much like when our children go to a new school, there will be teething issues. It’s as much a lesson as it is for us as our children, there will be setbacks, but it’s about how we handle them. Anticipated that there will be bumps in the road makes it easier to cope with. Sometimes when we need to make a new start that we have to keep pushing forward, and this can make us blind to certain eventualities. While in many ways, we can prepare for these things, we have to accept that there will be pitfalls. And once you do this, we can progress into our new lives with a better sense of honesty.


Helping the family make a new start isn’t just about putting them in at the deep end; we have to figure out how much of a change it is for our children. Some children welcome change, others don’t like it at all. But we have to remember that we are subject to as much change internally as well. Give yourself some time, because the new start is like resetting the clock. There will be changes, and you won’t like them on occasion, but even you know it’s for the best.

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