Lente Designs Tablet Covers: The Perfect Flowers For Valentine’s Day

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I just love flowers!! Even if they are fake, real or on some type of product. Flowers just seem to really cheer up the room and my mood. Today I would like to share with you an excellent way to give roses but not have to worry about them dying. Lente Designs offers a wide range of tablet and Kindle covers that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

Lente Designs is a small UK based design house with a mission to bring unique style to modern technology. Why is it that the accessories on offer for your beloved phone / tablet / ebook reader are always either dull, poor quality, expensive or plain unoriginal?

Lente Designs have created and produce high quality and thoughtfully designed cases for technology that, let’s face it, needs protecting. All of their products have been engineered to be individual in design yet thoroughly practical. I actually received a couple of the Lente Designs cases, and they are beautiful!

One thing that really stands out for me is not only the quality of the case itself but the vibrant colors that they offer. Personally, I just adore the red roses on the blue background. It does not get much better than that. I used the Red Rose cover for my iPad, and it fit perfectly.

The cover of the actually folds into three pieces so that you can stand your tablet up for ease of use. All of the covers that I received had the same three-fold design on the cover. 

Product Features:

  • Complete all-round protection for the Apple iPad 2, 3, and 4 
  • Auto sleep/wake up function when cover opened and closed
  • Front cover folds into a stand to allow a ‘typing’ angle and a ‘movie’ angle
  • High friction inner frame for an easier grip
  • Cut-outs for easy access to all the ports, charging, camera, and speakers

They also do offer many other covers for other tablets including the Kindle, Nexus, and Galaxy. Not interested in the red rose design. Another great design that I received was the butterflies which is again very vibrant. 

These little cases from Lente Designs are just too cute. They don’t have a great deal of protection so I would not say that these are by any means “drop proof” (but how many cases really are?) They do however offer your tablet protection from scratches and dents. I love that you can add your personal style to your cover by all the designs they offer. Not only do they offer the butterflies and roses but below you will find a picture with all the fabulous designs they offer. 

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