Kick The Candles This Spring With The Help Of Air Wick

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Howdy everyone and I hope you are having a wonderful day. Today I wanted to discuss with you how you can kick the candles in your home this spring.  I don’t know about you, but I just love the spring, even more so than the summer. I am not one for it being too hot; I get grumpy. One thing that I do love is flowers. They just put a smile on my face like nothing other.

Yet. In my opinion, there are is one mistake that people make during the spring months that I would like to discuss.  I live in the mountains of North Carolina, in Ashe County in fact and our spring is nothing more than a confused mess of the weather.

The weather really plays a huge part on decor especially outside, your clothing, and believe it or not fragrances. The one topic that I really want to discuss is fragrances because this can be a challenge when it comes to the Spring or Summer months. I know that when the windows fly open during the cool spring days, many people don’t’ burn candles, especially during the summer months. This is something that we tend to do in the winter because it makes the home feel cozy, right?

One way to keep your home smelling fabulous throughout the spring and summer month’s is to use a system like Freshmatic Automatic Spray. Not having to light a candle but still have your home smell amazing is a huge bonus!

Freshmatic Automatic Spray is Air Wick’s new automatic spray device that delivers continuous bursts of fragrance, so it’s like you’re experiencing that first whiff of your favorite scent for the first time, every time. The improved new sleek design with the “twist and lock” mechanism lets you display it anywhere in your home as it fits right in with your décor.

You could hang this on the wall or just set it out in your home. Personally, I don’t like to hang anything because I am forever changing my rooms around. I love that theFreshmatic Automatic Spray is easy on the eyes and its design can really go with any decor.

I have always used an automatic spray device in my home because I find that it is really convenient and you don’t have to worry about running around with a fragrance spraying it, but sometimes I do, do this and one thing that I hate is the wet residue that this can leave on my furniture or floor. Pure is an aerosol formula that delivers 9x more fragrance with less water which helps solve the problem of wet residue on upholstery, wood and other surfaces. This has totally resolved my problem and I must say that the new Pure line smells amazingly good for the spring season, even throughout the summer. They are so FRESH!!

No matter how you look at it either the Freshmatic Automatic Spray or the new Pure would be a welcoming addition to your home during the spring and summer months. Kick the candle and just try these out. I think that you will find that they suit your needs. Sure, I will still use a candle during those chilly spring nights here in the mountains, but I find that these two products are the perfect upgrade for your home this spring.

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