Keep Organized In 2016 With Beautiful Calendar

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As 2016 came with a bang, we all are looking for great ways to stay organized throughout the new year. Wall calendars seem like they have been disappearing from homes as time goes by and the digital age has taken over. Today I would like to share with you a great new way to stay organized when it comes to dates and things that need to be done. It is called Beautiful Calendar. 

Beautiful Calendar has taken a modern approach to keeping you on track with your daily tasks and, of course, important dates for work or school. The best part is that Beautiful Calendar is free and easy to install. Though I have a Macbook, I like to use Chrome for my browsing needs and to install Beautiful Calendar simply go to their site and install the extension. You will see a big green button that says “Get Beautiful Calendar.” Simply push this button and add the extension to Chrome. 

How simple is that? The next step is to simply sync up your Google calendar with the new Beautiful Calendar, and you are all done. You can now see all of your tasks and important dates at a glance. If you need to add a new event, simply hit that date and enter information. 

You can also change the theme of your calendar simply by hitting the theme button in the upper right-hand corner. I really love the artist splash for a theme.  I have set this as my homepage so that I will always be able to take a quick look at the calendar and I can use the search bar above the calendar for easy access to searching.


In all this extention works very well and so far has been syncing up with my google calendar nicely. Beautiful Calendar could not be easier to use and this is what I really was really looking for. Who wants to fight with something difficult? I found that this extention did not slow down my browser at all. I would recommend checking it out to help you stay on task in 2016!

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