Keep Hair Out Of Your Drain With Drainwig

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Howdy everyone! I hope that you all are having a great week. Today I thought I would share with you a wonderful tool that I have started to use in my bathroom. It is called DrainWig (funny name, I know). Ever since I have become sick, I lose my hair like crazy! Thank goodness I have super thick hair! Every time I wash my hair, it is like giving my dog a bath. All the long hairs are everywhere and guess where all that hair goes? Down the drain!! YUCK!!

My husband is constantly telling me to be careful and catch all that I can but what a big pain in the butt that is. I am always very leery of things that I see on TV for sale, but I must say that these little babies really work. 

  • Help prevent messy clogged drains with the As Seen on TV DrainWig Hair Catcher
  • Drop the stainless steel chain into the drain and let the tiny whiskers attached to the chain catch the hair
  • Change every 2-4 months by simply pulling the chain up out of the drain and throw it away
  • Hair catcher is completely disposable
  • Set of 2
  • Measures 24.5″ L
  • Imported

What I really love about the DrainWig is that you have no mess. To insert the DrainWig simply maneuver it into the drain. I just slip the rubber whiskers through the holes. After about two months you simply pull it from the drain and

Throw it away. Then you insert a new DrainWig. I would check it around two months since everyone is different just to be safe. 

The one big that that I have noticed using the Drainwig is that my tub drains quicker because I don’t have all of that hair build up in there. I also don’t have to pull the drain apart cleaning it out (well my husband doesn’t have too). The DrainWig can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond. You can get four DrainWigs for the price of $9.99. For this price, you received two DrainWig for the shower and two for the bathtub. You can also just purchase two of the shower or two of the bathtub DrainWigs.  In all, I really love these babies, and these would actually make a great housewarming gift for a new homeowner. 

·        This product is also available at Walmart, Kmart and Bed Bath & Beyond


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