Keep An Eye On Your Dogs All The Time With The Mini 360 Plus

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As you know about three months ago I decided to get a new dog. We have two Ricky and Ike, Ricky being the old at 10 and Ike is five months old. Their age difference has really given the puppy a leg up in life, and Ricky has taught him so many things in such a short time. Like how to open the storm door. So he is always escaping outside when I would like him to be inside. But there are some things that Ricky has not taught Ike like furniture is not a chew toy. He has done really good, but every once in awhile I catch him trying to chew up the couch. This is not going to happen!

I can’t be with them 24/7 because I also enjoy outdoor activities that they just can’t come with me like working in the garden and I want them to be inside. The best way to keep an eye on your pup is to have a reliable camera in the area the pups will be, and that is why I suggest checking out the Mini 360 Plus from Ezviz.

The main reason that I recommend this particular camera for watching pets is that it is 360, meaning you can pan and see the entire room. View any point in your room with just one touch. After taking a panoramic picture, all you have to do is touch the image and the Mini 360 Plus will automatically pan toward it and stream live video. This feature is the NUMBER ONE when it comes to this camera because there are no hidden areas in the room where my little fur baby can get into trouble.

Mini 360 Plus Set Up

I don’t think I have ever had a camera that set up so easy. You can either set this camera on a table or hang it on the wall which would give you more viewing area. Everything you need to hang this is included in the box. Below is a picture of everything that comes with your new Mini 360 Plus.

Once you have decided on a location for your camera, it is time to load the app. One in the App Store or Google Play you will want to download and install the EZVIZ app. Next, launch the app and create a user account using the easy setup wizard. Below you will see a couple of screenshots of the process.

Everything set up super fast and was easy to navigate through everything. You do get a 30-day free trail of their cloud, or you can have everything save to an SD card which can be put into the camera itself. Here is just a little video to show you the quality. Since I am working inside today, I opted to put this outside so I can keep an eye on my stinkers.

As you can see this camera works really well and being able to pan and tilt the camera can really come in handy. You can set up multiple cameras which I do plan to do so that I can have on inside as well as outside. With a price of only $79.99 it is totally worth every penny not to mention I can not only keep an eye on the dogs but my father in law.

Two last features that I feel set this camera apart is that it does have night vision as well as two-way audio. Super cool right? I hope to get a little video tonight to share on my social media so make sure to check out for that posting. I would highly recommend checking out the Mini 360 Plus because not only will it not hurt your wallet but it functions properly with easy setup.

Mini 360 Plus



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