Keep Calm And Find Lost Items With Ease

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As organized as I try to be in life, I am always losing things. It happens to everyone. The lost remote, your child’s favorite toy, your purse or cell phone. Now there is an easy way to help you find lost items with ease of those items that always seem to go missing. It is called Tile

At Tile, they believe that technology, design, and ingenuity can solve problems that most of us take for granted. Life’s little inconveniences add up: the average person misplaces upwards of 3,000 items a year and then spends another 60 hours a year searching for them. All told, our misplaced stuff adds up to billions of dollars annually. Tile’s wireless tracking app can help, so we don’t ever have to lose anything again!

The design of the Tile is super sleek and could be attached to just about anything you find that you lose. The Tile can actually work three ways.

  • You can “ring” her Tile from her app to find items buried under the couch cushions or wedged between car seats. She can even reverse-ring her misplaced smartphone simply by double-tapping the “e” button on the Tile
  • Two, when outside Bluetooth range, mom can check Last Place Seen on the in-app map –  an electronic version of mom trying to retrace her last steps. 
  • Three, you can enlist the entire 4.5 million strong network of Tiles to form a silent, anonymous search party. Tile’s community is the largest and spans 214 countries and territories around the world. 

How Does The Tile Work?

When you receive your new Tile, you will want to download the app which is available in the App Store and Google Play so it will work with whichever device you might have. For this review I used Google Play and believe it or not, I could not find my phone to save my life. LOL..After finding it, I installed the Tile app. 

Once the app is installed, you just follow the easy steps to connect your new Tile to the phone. In these steps, you will need to set up an account, get a code from your email, and press the “E” on the Tile to connect your phone or tablet to the Tile. 

After that, you are all set up! How easy is that? Even if you lose your phone, you can use the Tile to find it just by pressing the Tile this makes your phone ring even if it is on silent mode. In all the Tile is an excellent option if you are like me and tend to lose items. It is easy to set up and really could be used for anything in your home from the remote to your child’s favorite stuffed animal. You can purchase the Tile online for $25.00 which in my mind is the perfect investment for those easy to lose items.  


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