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We live in a digital world. Everything around us seems to revolve around digital data, products, and lifestyle. Today I wanted to share with you a wonderful product to help fight against digital distraction called reMarkable. reMarkable is the only digital device that feels like paper. A tool for note-taking, reading and reviewing documents.

No social media, e-mail or notifications. No distractions, just you and your thoughts. Since its inception, reMarkable’s mission is to deliver technology that helps people think without distractions. By creating a digital experience that keeps notifications at a safe distance, reMarkable’s paper-like device allows users to create digital notes that can be easily converted into emails and memos – without interruption from social media, email, browser tabs, and other notifications. 

I had a chance to check out reMarkable, and I must admit that I find it more useful than anything that I own. No matter what I am doing, blogging or home life everything has become simplified and easy. 

It is hard to believe that we check our smartphones every twelve minutes while we’re awake. Endless scrolling. Addictive casino techniques. Heavily researched colors and sounds. Each is engineered to make us want to check our devices. With reMarkable, it is just you and your thoughts and I LOVE IT!

It’s hard to quit: 53% of adults say they have deleted an app at least once because it takes too much of their time; 37% admit to reinstalling the app within two weeks. This is despite the fact that people say they feel pressure, anxiety, and guilt when they cannot focus due to distractions.

It is easy for me during the day to get distracted from what needs to be done something as easy as putting my thoughts together for the week or recipe creations. Lately, I have been just using the good old pen and paper but with reMarkable you are getting that same “pen and paper” feel but with a digital twist. 

reMarkable is just not for writing, but you can read and sketch as well. Bringing all of those beautiful thoughts in your head to life. If you are like me, I have notes, sketches of recipes and creations everywhere and when I need something I can never find it. With reMarkable you will always have your notes. 

One thing that sets reMarkable from the rest of the table type devices is that it is not a glass service. Instead, it is literally just like paper. There is no glare or light.

Your reMarkable will come with a pen (marker) that is comfortable to use and using the reMarkable you can either be left or right handed. When you set up your new device it will ask you this important question. 

Setting up the reMarkable really takes about three minutes if that! All you really need is wi-fi access and you are good to go. You can access your work from your reMarkable anywhere you go using Apps which is available for every device. 

In all, I am super impressed with the reMarkable paper tablet and feel that this would be an excellent gift for anyone or yourself. There are so many uses for this amazing tablet! Not to mention how easy it is to use. You can purchase the reMarkable online and I highly suggest checking it out. 

Look out for a video coming this week on Facebook!!!

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