Iron Man Smartphone Stand From App Dudes

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Come on, who doesn’t like the Marvel Avengers? Coming from a real closet geek I just had to share a new product that I came across on the web. It is called the Iron Man Smartphone Stand. How freaking cool is that right? Not only is this a smartphone stand but when used in conjunction with the app your stand comes to life!

So what can this stand do? Each character has over 50 phrases and animations to keep you not only entertained but amazed at what comes next. It also has an interactive touch screen and tilting which provides fun reactions from the character. Here is a short little video I did so you can see this in action.


Neat right? I think this would be the perfect holiday gift for any tech lover and Marvel collector. I know I am super excited about this product. There is also a slit on the back of the stand so that you can charge your phone while listening to Iron Man while you work. he he he. This phone stand comes in not only the Iron Man design but Captain America as well.

You can find out more online at

Iron Man Smartphone Stand Details at a Glance:

·         Various phrases – each character has over 50 phrases and animations

·         Interactive touch screen and tilting, providing fun reactions from the characters

·         Alarm clock

·         Access for charging

This will work with the iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s, 7/7s, SE, Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and 6 Edge. Right now it looks like these are out of stock, but the price on Amazon is $19.99.

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