Interior Design That Can Make Your House Look Luxurious

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And with little effort on your part! Are you someone who loves the look of luxury, but you don’t love the price tag that comes along with it? Well, you’re not the only one out there in a situation like this – you don’t want to waste too much money on gold leaf gilding and silver spoons, seeing as there’s hardly any need for them in your own little world! After all, you’ve got a drawer full of cutlery in the kitchen, and those cabinets work just fine as they are.


However, you might want to appreciate an environment like this around you, and it might just put a bigger smile on your face whenever you come home from work. You can relax in luxury, with your toes wiggling on a faux rug after you collapse on your holey sofa that you’ve thrown a metallic fabric blanket over. It’s more comfortable, it’s a lot more cozy, it can really bring a room together into a cohesive unit, and it’s something you can build on and on with as you pick up more and more classy furniture pieces.


So here’s a couple of ideas, if you need them, about how you can make the rooms you live in seem a little more luxurious. If you’ve got some antique shops near you, be sure to start shopping in them!  


Luxury bathrooms are popular renovations, but you don’t need to be a millionaire to sprinkle some luxury elements into a room like this! (Image)


Use Contact Paper in the Kitchen


If you’ve got a kitchen that you absolutely hate the look of, but have no money to rip out and fit a new one into, you can feel a bit stuck with decoration around you. You’ve scrubbed out the oven and hung on some tea towels on the handle, just to try and add another touch of comfort. You’ve put a rug down on the floor so the tiles aren’t cold, and you can cover up the unfortunately ugly pattern that came with the house. You’ve gotten a bit of paint from the DIY store to fill in the groves in the cupboards, just to add a bit more color to the other neutral space around you. And that backsplash? Maybe you try to ignore it, and just wipe the grease off when it builds up a little too much…


So you’ve got a kitchen you’re not much of a fan of, and now you need to add in some smart interior design that has more of a personality, much more of a focus, and a hint of what’s to come when you save up the funds for a proper renovation. Well, thankfully, we can do something about those kitchen counters, with only a little money on your part!


Look up contact paper, buy yourself some rolls that you like the look of, and then get to applying them to the surfaces you prepare your meals on. It will completely change the look of the kitchen unit you’re working with, and no one will be any the wiser, unless they see you applying the stuff! And better yet, you can take the paper off whenever you need to, and swap it out for other patterns and materials whenever the fancy takes you.

If you’re new to an idea like this, be sure to watch some video tutorials for hints and tips, or even just to see how effective contact paper can really be! (Video by Nicole Jackson-Bertrand)


Get a New Bathroom Mirror


Your bathroom is probably quite small, and even just adding in a second mirror is going to make the space seem a lot bigger. Considering the main mark of luxury is a lot of room to work with, this could be a short and sweet $20 solution!


But if you want to put more effort in, and you’ve got the actual space to do so, one very popular option for the bathroom in the modern era are vanities. These have been around for a long time, but recently fallen out of fashion due to the faster and faster pace the human race took in their morning routines. So let’s bring this idea back for your bathroom – a simple vanity not only adds some luxury to probably one of the most style neglected rooms in your house, but a lot more space and functionality to it as well.


Get Some Bar Stools


If you’ve got a spare counter or table in the kitchen, or maybe just at the back of your living room, why not turn it into more of a socialisation space? All the luxurious mansions out there have them, so why shouldn’t you? You can stock some bottles on a shelf behind this spare surface, with some tea lights placed in between to really highlight the area, and then put a couple of barstools in front. It’s a quick idea, but it can add some real value to your home, and it’s only going to cost about $100 at most!


Change Your Lamp Shades


Your lamp shades affect how much light reaches the room that’s being illuminated, and if you’ve got one that covers the bulb completely hanging down from your ceiling, there’s a good chance you’re obscuring the very thing you’re using to ward off the obscurity around you! Not only that, but the more plain colored your lamp shades are, the less cozy the room can seem. Light plays a lot of tricks on our eyes after all, and you’re going to need to buy yourself some new shades that are darker in hue, or of completely different styles.


Get yourself something of purple or burgundy quality, as there’s a lot of luxury surrounding these two hues in particular. Or you could buy yourself a cascading shade, made of cheap glass pieces, but still luxury and contemporary in style. And these items can be picked up from any supermarket you head out to, so you could go quickly grab yourself something like them right now!


Carefully Craft Your Clutter…


Clutter is something we’d rather not see in our homes, seeing as we can make a real mess of the spaces we live in if our papers and dirty crockery get out of hand! But designer clutter is something a lot of people are just now starting to look into, as it can make a space look a lot more cozy, and very well loved, and when you have the right pieces laying around, you can easily add in that hint of luxury you’ve been looking for.


Maybe a pile of high end magazines on the coffee table, or an elephant shaped bookend on on the book shelf, or even just a potted plant behind the sofa, with the pot white in color. You could even have a permanent fixture of a tea try on the end table sitting beside the couch, and hang up a couple of clocks on the feature wall behind the television. Items like these really can do a lot for bringing your space together!


Ready to Look a Little More Luxurious?


You have plenty of time to do so if you are! Make sure you’ve got some ideas like this up your sleeve if you’re getting tired of the same stale four walls around you, or you’ve got a guest coming over and you really want to impress them. Solutions like these are cheap and easy, and you can always change them out if and when you change your mind!


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