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Oh My! I still can’t believe that the holiday is right around the corner. Gingerbread men, stockings, cookies, Christmas trees, wreaths, playing in the snow, and decorating. I adore the holiday season because I love to decorate our home. This will be my first posting as part of the Wayfair Homemakers program and I have waited years to get here. I am so proud and I do hope that I do them proud as well.

Holiday Decorations

Since we lost our home to fire things in our home are few and far between. When I think of Christmas I think of traditions and old ornaments which I no longer have. I also think of simplicity. I know many people love ornate trees, bursting with color but this year I just used a simple pattern and it turned out perfectly for us.

Wayfair offers a HUGE selection of amazing decor for the holiday season. Just about anything you can think of. I actually did a posting of my 12 Days of Christmas From Wayfair that you should check out. This piece involves other items that I just adore.

So let’s start the reveal show we? Since most of my family’s time is spent in the kitchen and dining room I decided for this posting to concentrate on that area. It worked out perfectly. I used the 7 1/2 foot skinny tree to fit in the corner of the dining room. This still gives everyone enough room to fit comfortably around the table.

To jazz up the tree, I used these ornaments in a simple pattern. All I did was use the same colored balls in the same section, instead of moving all the colors around the tree. I feel that this really gave it a uniform look.

This year I tried something a bit different than adding huge locks ribbon onto the three. I just used one strand of ribbon to separate the areas. Again trying to stay with the simplicity and beauty of the tree itself and the ornaments.

Along with the groups of ornaments, I also decided to just put a select few special ornaments on our tree. This helped to give it a bit more appeal.

Since I have always used artificial trees, I have always had collars for them. I think this can really finish off the look of your tree. I choose the “Farm Fresh Tree” collar that worked perfectly with the rest of our farmhouse decor.

Since I am decorating the dining room the table is a huge part of this area, so we can’t forget about this! I decided to dress the table with my Rae Dunn and I got a beautiful centerpiece from Wayfair along with the candles.

I feel that this really helps to tie the entire room together.

The last piece of decor that I needed to decorate for this room was my sideboard. Sometimes I can feel lost when trying to put decor on this piece but for some reason, this just came together perfectly.

I used beautiful garland from Wayfair to bring everything together. I honestly was not sure how this garland would work or even look once I get it but it is simply beautiful.

Also, from Wayfair was this cute little sign! I thought it would work perfectly beside my mug holder and give it a little flair.

Holiday Decorations

One other piece that I chose from Wayfair was this super cute stocking hanger. Since we don’t have a fireplace I decided to put it above the window. It worked perfectly.

Holiday Decorations

The one thing that I love decorating about Christmas is that you can’t get it wrong. It is your style, your colors, and your beautiful masterpiece. When I am styling an area I don’t think what others might want to see but what I want to see each and every day.

Everything can be found in the links below that was used for this post from Wayfair.

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