Do You Struggle Making The Perfect Iced Coffee? Try HyperChiller

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Howdy everyone. I hope that you all are having a fine day so far. As most of you may know I am a huge coffee drinker but I prefer my coffee cold than hot. If you are like me, you don’t want to wait for your coffee to cool to make that perfect brew, and if you put ice cubes in the coffee straight away it waters the coffee itself down. Today I would like to introduce to you a great new product on the market called HyperChiller. 

Key Benefits of The HyperChiller:

  • No more waiting. The HyperChiller cools hot coffee to iced temperatures in one minute; eliminating the wait time with refrigeration or cold brewing.
  • Preserves freshness, flavor, and strength. With the HyperChiller, coffee retains its fresh-brewed flavor and original strength while achieving chilled perfection.
  • Prevents dilution. HyperChiller cools hot coffee to iced temperatures without ever putting it in contact with ice that can melt and water down the beverage.
  • Works with any coffee maker. HyperChiller is compatible with any coffee maker without restriction.

I can’t explain my excitement when I opened up the HyperChiller package. It was everything I could hope for and not only that but it worked. The HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker is easy to use, and the directions are simple to follow. As with any new product that you will be drinking out of or eating from you need first to wash all the pieces. 

How To Use Your New HyperChiller:

Included in the packages is four main components. You have a small food grade stainless steel cup, large stainless steel cup, a lid, and the black HyperChiller Cup (which is BPA Free). After you have finished washing all the parts, it is time to fill them up. First off fill the small stainless steel cup about 90% full and again fill the large stainless steel cup about 90% full. You want to pour the large stainless steel cup into the black Hyperchiller Cup. Twist all the cups back on the lid and then place the HyperChiller in the freezer. (Sorry about the HyperChiller being wet but I could not wait to use it!)

For the first time, I let mine HyperChiller in the freezer for about eight hours and everything was frozen as a rock and ready for me to use this morning.  I swirled my coffee around in the chiller for about 60 seconds, and I was ready to rock. You can brew directly into the HyperChiller or pour it in. Which ever is best for you. It does fit most coffee makers including my Keurig. I always have a hard time in the morning making my perfect iced coffee but not this morning. I am ready to roll throughout the day. 

After I had brewed my cup this morning I put it back in the freezer for the next go around. Periodically, the HyperChiller should be washed, and all parts are safe for in the dishwasher (on the top shelf). One thing that you should note is when you are pouring your fresh brew of iced coffee make sure to do it on a paper towel or over the sink. There are four small vents that are necessary for air to escape. When I poured my coffee a bit of melted ice did drip on the counter. 

In all, I could not find anything that I did not like about the HyperChiller. Everything worked perfectly and it also is made very nicely with the proper materials. Not only can you chill your coffee but this also works with wine, whiskey, iced tea and martinis. Really any type of liquid you would like to get cold in a flash.

You can purchase the HyperChiller for $29.95. I feel that this price point is perfect for the product, and I know that I will continue to use it daily. With its ease of use and simple clean up nothing could really be more perfect. 


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