Hygge Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Ello, folks! Long time no chat I would say! Today I wanted to share with you a the perfect Hygge Mother’s Day Gift Guide. This guide is all about the hygge lifestyle. Not sure what hygge means? No worries, I can help you with that. Hygge is my newfound passion in life of simplicity and comfort. There is no wrong way to live a hygge lifestyle. This is what I love most about it.


  1. a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).”why not follow the Danish example and bring more hygge into your daily life?”

So let’s get this guide going but first I wanted to share with you all the new blog I am working on and transitioning over to. It is livehyggelig.com and I am so excited to get this going. It has become a passion of mine to live a more simple life and to really tend to my own needs at the moment. Might sound selfish but life has thrown me such a curve ball the past couple of years.

To get started with the Hygge Mother’s Day Gift Guide, I wanted to tell you that just because you might look at many hygge blogs, including my new blog, and see that you have to have a minimalist lifestyle. That is just not true. This is just the path that I took but you still can live a hygge lifestyle surrounded by all your beautiful items that make you smile.

Hygge Mother’s Day Gift Guide

To get started one thing that I have always loved throughout my life is a great throw, just ask my husband! I own more throws than one person should really have. One of my favorite picks out of many this Mother’s Day is the Comma Home  Faux Fur & Sherpa Throws. These are perfect for cuddling up and binge-watching your favorite show or relaxing by the fire this mother’s day.

The Faux Fur & Sherpa Throw is great for any season. It’s the perfect couch throw, with looks that can make your space feel a bit more elevated while also creating extra comfy cozy home  vibes. 

Another option that Comma Home offers is their Faux Fur Weighted Blankets. The Faux Fur Weighted Blankets bring the same feeling of luxury, coziness, and high quality into the home, but also does the work of easing anxiety, fighting insomnia, and it delivers high-quality sleep. 

I must admit that I am in total love with the with this blanket and it is totally perfect for Mother’s Day. Another amazing option is this fab and flawless Iced Coffee from Bean Box. As most of you know I am a Iced coffee lover and the Bean Box offers an amazing blend. I just love the simplicity of just opening my fridge and know I am getting the best cup of iced coffee.

If mom loves coffee in general Bean Box also offers subscriptions so they can enjoy your gift year round. Honestly, I am a huge fan of giving subscription boxes as gift. You never can go wrong.

My next Hygge Mother’s Day pick is something every mom needs, trust me! Staheekum offers amazing footwear and their slippers are to die for! I honestly have been wearing these for three days straight. Since I am almost couch-bound due to surgery and RA, these are awesome.

Their in-house designed Staheekum Slippers make the utterly coziest of slippers– so classic and comfy. Sold at a variety of major retailers including Nordstrom’s, Amazon, Zappos, etc. (andwww.staheekum.com)/.

My last item this Mother’s Day that is perfect for any mom that is living the hygge lifestyle or looking to get into the hygge way of life is Paddywax. Nothing says cozy like the perfect candle. For this guide, I received many submissions for candles but Paddywax hit every mark.

They have a simple design that can fit into any decor and the fragrance is out of this work. I had the chance to check out two of their candles and the Tobacco and Vanilla made me so happy. These candles are hand poured in Tennessee and really are perfect for mom.

This guide is truly a work of love as I enter into my own way of living a more hygge lifestyle. With so many submissions these were my total favorites. I do hope that you grab them for mom (or yourself) this Mother’s Day and enjoy them as much as I do.

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