How You Can Keep Your Home Clean Through Renovations

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When it comes to updating your home with renovations, people often forget about the mess that com in toe with a major project. In fact, even a small project such as repainting comes with some mess that you have to tackle.

Renovations, stripping is certainly one of the messier projects to undertake in your home. You have to deal with a variety of messes such as clutter and huge amounts of dust. 

Even though you have probably completed renovation projects before it can be easy to forget how much mess they really can create, so, have a look at the tips below. They will help the renovation become more bearable and you will soon get your home back into control.

Have A Project Storage Area 

When you are completing renovations in your home, th process will often start before the actual project does. You will start to order things online, collect materials and tools from the store, and have to start storing them in your home.

They can easily take over your home, therefore, it is best if you have a designated project storage area. Your house will stay less cluttered if you keep just one spot for all the items you need. 

If you can keep it somewhere that is less used, or at least out of sight of the front door, you don’t need a constant reminder each time you return home that could lead you to feel overwhelmed.

If you have finishing touches such as ornaments or cushion covers, think about storing them in a bottom draw or airing cupboard so they are completely out of sight and also free from the risk of damage. 

Have Designated Cleaning Zones

When you are putting a lot of time and effort into a big renovation project, it very easy and natural to give some of the usual housework a miss. Especially with the amount of dust that is created on a daily basis.

However, blink, and the chaos that is being caused by the renovation can quickly spread if you don’t keep on top of it. If you don’t have a plan of action, it will quickly spread and you will never be able to contend with it. You may feel as though you are on the losing end of a battle with it sometimes, but it is definitely worth stay on top of things, the extra work is only temporary. 

Instead, create a couple of areas that are classed as ‘clean zones’ that you can attend to each day or each night before bed. Think about the areas that you get easily get frustrated about being clutter when you see them in the morning and make sure they are dealt with before you go to bed each night.

This way the renovations won’t make you feel as though you are losing complete control of the cleanliness of your home. Often if you create clean areas in your home and commit to keeping them that way it can make your whole home feel tidier. 

If you’re not completing work on your living room, this is a great room to keep blocked off and tidy during other major renovation work. It will give you a clean space that you can retreat to if the mess starts to get to a little bit. 

Prepare The Space 

Before you get on the dirty work, whether it’s painting, [reparing the walls, or breaking up old tiles, it is important for you to prepare your space, this will limit your clean up time later on and you will be thankful for doing it. 

It may be as simple as putting dust sheets down or placing plastic covers over your furniture to ensure it doesn’t get damaged from paint splashing. If you are going to be creating dust you may want to go a step further and block off doorways to the rest of your home before you start the work.

You could even use towels to block off the gap under the door. The more you can keep dust in one space the better, just make sure you open any windows for ventilation and you wear a mask when working in the room. If you have done a project that creates dust in the past, you will probably already understand the pain of dusting one day and it being twice as bad the next when it has had time to settle. 

If you find that it is settling on areas such as your wooden floors, is definitely worth dusting and mopping each day. It may seem like a hassle and a waste of time, but it is the best thing you can do to help protect them from, long-term damage. Set yourself up a cleaning station is ready and waiting to go cleaning after you have completed the work for the day.

If you clean all your tools etc away first, you will find that the dust has time to settle. You will be grateful that you took the time to hoover, dust, and mop each night when it comes to the final day you won’t have dust lingering for weeks after the project has finished. 

Be Ready To Clear Up Big Messes 

There are always going to be certain tasks with each renovation project that make slightly more mess than other parts such as sanding ceiling or walls, stripping wallpaper, or cutting tiles. And, although the mess is unavoidable there are ways that you can minimize the overall mess you create.

For example, once you have cut the tiles you need for one section quickly hoover your mess and wipe down any surfaces. It will help to minimize the dust spreading and will result in less cleaning needed at the end of the day. The same applies for stripping your walls, strip one wall at a time, bag up the debris, and clear the floor as much as possible before moving onto the next wall. 

These tips should help you to keep your home clean and tidy during a home renovation project. Do you have any other tips that could help? Please share some in the comments below. 

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