How To Successfully Clean Off Your Desk Once And For All

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Did you know that tomorrow is Clean Off Your Desk Day? I didn’t either, but I downloaded an awesome calendar that tells me all these little dates. LOVE IT. So today I thought I would share with you all great ways to get your desk organized once and for all. 

Since I am a blogger, most of my time is spend at my desk. I have a ton of props and products all over the place. When I do postings about the office, I always have to clean first, but I am tired of always trying to keep things tidy! Recently I put a plan in action, and it has been helping to keep my desk free of clutter. Not only that but I know where everything is! Amazing right? So here is where I began. 

I have said many times I live in a super small house and my office is not the biggest ever either, but I have made it work for me. These steps are super easy and may even seem like common sense, but sometimes it takes someone else’s success to get motivated (Trust me I am one of them). There are a couple of questions I asked myself to get started. 

  • What is really necessary? I took a good long look at my office and desk. What do I really need on in a day. Since I blog the most important things for me were my backdrops (papers that I use for smaller items), camera equipment, necessary info about products and my computer. This is the minimum that I really need. 
  • How can I organize everything? For me, the best way to organize was to put everything into different binders. Such as the one that I have made for my background papers. All of the extras (things that I like to place into pictures) were placed in a rolling craft cart so that I can access them easily. 
    • You Could Use:
      • Binders
      • Carts (such as craft carts)
      • Folders
  • What Can I remove From My Desk? The only thing that I could really remove from my desk was the computer screen. I use this only when I am using photoshop so that I have a bigger image then with my Macbook, which is a 13-inch screen. About two weeks ago I had my husband use a TV mount to put the monitor on the wall. This just gives me so much more room. 
  • What paperwork do I really need? I must tell you. I still have paperwork for products from the first month I started blogging! LOL. One great way to get your desk tidy and clean is to really sit down and see what you really need. You just might be surprised at what you find. 

After I decided on a method I had to make sure that it really was the best method for me. This is where I think many people might give up. If you choose a method, and it does not work change it up. If you give up, things will just get disorganized and messy again. Trust me you will feel so much better with a clean desk and open space to work. 

When it comes to myself, I need things personalized for me to keep them fun and keep me wanting to stay clean and organized. This is why I have started to decorate things. I love to add little note cards and such to all of my binders! The binder below is one that I made for my background papers for my photos. 


Since I have started to really make things my own with my own style I have found that I am better at keeping my desk clean, and my life organized. If you are working to clean up your desk at home, make things fun! Make everything personalized to you so that you feel your best when working and motivated to keep things tidy! 

Make sure to check out my posting about “How I have become An Organized Blogger” 🙂 This stuff will really help you stay tidy and organized. Look out for a posting soon about Glam Planning which I am super excited to share my adventure with you all!!


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