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How to Save Money on your Energy Bills

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Energy bills can be a major source of spend within the home, especially during the winter months as people will use more heating.   There are a lot of things that people can do to save money on their household energy bills with very simple things making a good dent in that outgoing.  Here are some of those suggestions.

Solar Power

The globe is a very different place to where it was 10 years ago and there is now a massive focus on global emissions and climate change.  As a result of that renewable energy sources are far more common not on in the business world but also in the domestic home.  One thing that is now featuring far more in the homes is solar power.  

Especially in the sunny states of the US, these solar panels will really be efficient and effective all year round.  Some local areas are even supporting funding of installation of these in order to serve their overall goal of reducing emissions.  Once these are installed and you are using them to their full potential, you can expect to see a massive reduction in the energy prices.

Propane Gas

This is usually used for more outdoor energy sources but can be quite expensive if you do not manage this effectively.  As a result, it is good to shop around Orlando Propane Gas outlets and make sure you get the best deal.  Propane Gas in Orlando is really common due to the amount of outdoor energy sources required which could include appliances such as BBQs which are a treat!  If this is something you are going to use on a regular basis, it would be worthwhile setting up an account and getting the maximum discounts available.

Be smart with the lighting 

It is far too easy for people to leave the lighting on in the house all the time – even when it is not needed.  Although generally, the lighting of a room does not take up too energy (depending on the bulbs and type of lights), basic disciplines should be encouraged to turn the lights off when no-one is using the room. 

Some people will go to the extreme of installing motion sensors so that it will automatically turn the lights off.  You should always try to use energy saving light bulbs where possible too.

Heating Control

If you require to have a heater on within the home, it may be wise to have this centrally controlled.  This will then allow the heating to go on when it is cold automatically.   Alternatively, it is far too easy for people to manually control this and potentially leave the heating on all night – leading to massive energy waste and energy bills!


With energy bills sometimes being one of the biggest sources of outgoings within a household, hopefully some of these simple tips will make you reflect on some alternatives or different ways of doing things to not only save on the bills but help the environment.


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