How To Protect Your Home From UV

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UV rays can be very dangerous for your family and your home. UV can cause a lot of skin damage, and even lead to skin cancer. As well as having a health risk, sunlight can also cause damage to your wooden furniture and appliances, and cause fading to soft furnishings. If you’re a house proud individual, and want to protect your family while they’re relaxing at home, you can protect your home and family from UV light. 

How To Protect Your Home From UV

Window Coverings

The simplest way to sun-proof your home is to use window coverings like shades, blinds or drapes. In rooms that the most light, you can draw the blinds and keep out the light. This method is cost effective too. Solar shades that block UV light and still allow light to pass through them could be ideal, as you can still keep light in the house without the UV. 

Window Films

Window films are translucent films of vinyl, polyester or other materials, that are fitted to the inside or outside of the windows of your home. You can also use a window tint, which offers some privacy as well as protection. You can obscure the view into your home, but maintain the view out. The best home window tint will block out a huge amount of UV rays. You can still light sunshine in without the negative impact of the UV light getting in too. 

Home Layout

If you can’t or don’t want to invest in window treatments or coverings, you can reduce the impact of UV light on your home by changing the layout of your home and furniture. Keep your furniture safe from UV by moving it away from direct sunlight. 

Move your furniture away from windows or anywhere else where a lot of sun gets into the house. This protects the furniture and also means that you aren’t sitting in direct sunlight all day. 

For example, if you usually read a book in a chair by the window that is flooded with natural light, you can just move the chair back a little bit so it is still lit by the sunlight but not directly in it. 

Any furniture that is left in direct sunlight and can’t be moved, such as anything too heavy to move or outside furniture that is left on the patio, can be kept safe from fading by covering it with UV-protective slipcovers. 

Sunlight is important to get natural light into the home, and it can help to keep your family healthy by providing them with some vitamin D. However sunlight exposure should be regulated and enjoyed in moderation. Too much sun will cause problems for your health and the condition of your home and furniture. Take a walk around your home and see where furniture is in direct sunlight that could cause a problem. Move furniture around, pull the blinds in rooms that get the most light and consider fitting window treatments like films or tints to protect your home, your furniture and your family. 

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