How To Maintain a Clean Home

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Sometimes it is easier said than done when you have countless chores that need to be completed at home and family to cook and look after. But if you regularly spend 10 minutes or so completing a task it will break up your cleaning jobs a little more and will help to keep your home in a nice clean condition. 

Vacuum The Carpets 

It is a good idea to try and vacuum your carpets at least once a week, this is particularly useful if you have carpet, which tends to collect dust particles and cling to the material. It is less of a problem if you have a laminate, vinyl or hardwood flooring as the dust will just settle on the surface as opposed to being absorbed by the carpet. The air you and your family will breathe in will certainly be a lot cleaner if you vacuum regularly though. 

Organize Your Recycling and Garbage 

If you can have an organization system in place so that the different recyclable materials can be placed into various boxes, will help you to keep on top of recycling and garbage duties. Also it is useful to have a chart up on the wall so that you know which days you need to put the garbage out to be collected. 

Give Everyone In Your Family a Chore To Do

To provide less of a burden for yourself, you could assign a different task to each member of your family that they can do for the week to help get everything done. It is also a good way for your children to learn to carry out responsible tasks and understand that the house does not clean by itself! 

Maintain Your Appliances 

Appliances such as air conditioning units or hot water generators in your home need to be maintained well in order to expand their longevity. You can hire professional cleaners such as Duct Doctor who carry out specialised, residential duct cleaning on HVAC appliances. They will be able to remove any inside dirt or debris that will help to make the appliance last longer and be more energy efficient too, which is always a positive. 

Clean After Cooking 

If you can get into the habit of cleaning up as you cook in the kitchen it will help to prevent a build up of washing up or dirty plates that could end up being left until the next day if you are exhausted from a busy day at work. 

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Keep on Top of Laundry 

It is quite easy for dirty laundry to pile up quickly. So if you routinely do laundry washes this will help to keep on top of your laundry duties, particularly if you have plenty to do for the rest of the family as well as bedding and towels for everyone. 

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