How To Keep Your Favourite Clothes Forever

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While it’s nice to have new things and keep up to date with the latest styles and fashion trends, sometimes you buy clothes which are timeless and will never go out of style and other times you just love something so much that you don’t care if it goes out of style. However, even if clothing doesn’t go out of style, it will become old, it may start to bobble or get rips, so how can you keep your clothes forever looking and feeling as good as new?

Use a Delicates Bag

Instead of having your delicate underwear or garments rip in the washing machine, invest in a few delicates bags that will help your favourite delicates last longer. 

Carry a Stain Removal Pen

Carrying a stain removal pen in your handbag can be a lifesaver because getting to stains as they happen means they are less likely to ruin your favourite garment.

Look after your clothes.

An obvious one, yes, but it’s also a very important point. If you throw your clothes on the floor and walk all over them, shove them in a bag when you’re going away and don’t care for them, then don’t expect them to last long. It’s the same for accessories too, make sure you take good care of your things, go somewhere regularly for purse and handbag cleaning and then keep them in a safe place. 

Wash Less

You might be surprised by this one, but actually washing your clothes too much is no good for them. Think about what your favourite dress or top and what it goes through every time you wash it; tumbling in a washing machine with loads of other pieces. This will, first of all, drain it of its colour and stretch the elastic but then when it comes to drying too if you use a tumble dryer it could shrink, fade or even fall apart altogether. Unless something is visibly dirty or smells really bad, wear your it at least three times before putting it in the wash.

Fold Heavy jumpers on a Shelf

Hanging heavy sweaters will mean that the fabric will start to stretch, and you’ll be left with a long droopy jumper that you won’t want to wear. 

Wash Dark Clothing Inside Out

To stop all your favourite dark clothing from losing its colour, wash them inside out. The same goes for printed t-shirts, if you turn them inside out then, this will prevent the print from cracking and fading.

Buy Better Hangers

Most plastic and wire hangers will stretch out the shoulders of your clothes and leave them saggy. Despite being a little more expensive, wooden hangers will last longer and help your clothes last longer too. 

Fix it as soon as you see it

If a strap comes loose or, a button falls off, then fix it there and then. If you don’t know how to then either learn or find a good tailor who can do this for you. There’s no need to throw away good clothing for a small imperfection that can easily be fixed. 

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