How To Create Your Own Vintage Style Kitchen

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With so many different styles on offer today, vintage is one of very few that remains a hit throughout every season. Especially great if you’re trying to stick to a tight budget, it’s a design plan that can allow your create juices to flow freely amongst many other positives. If you’re organising a kitchen revamp and want to perfect that classic look whilst retaining all functionality, then read on to uncover some of the best top tips to help you get started today!

How To Create Your Own Vintage Style Kitchen

The Base

Laying the right foundations for your vintage style kitchen is so important, and it will pave the way for further design choices too. The colours that you choose to paint the walls will really set the tone, and generally tend to be chalky tones like duck egg blue or dusky pink, as though you are essentially crafting a whole new space, you want it to look a little dated to fully encapsulate the vintage effect. Choosing the material you use for your countertops can be somewhat difficult, as there are so many options that can really add tons of aesthetic value. From hardwood to marble and stones of every kind, head to your local hardware store and photograph a few different options to compare with your choice of wall colour and identify which compliments best. 

Cupboards & Storage Galore

A big contributing factor to kitchen design is the style, placement and amount of storage you install. The first and most important storage features are your cupboards, which should generally sit above your worktops or line the walls around shoulder height. If you need a little extra and want to get creative, make some space in which you can craft a floor to ceiling array, to make the most of the smallest area. Choosing the right material for your cupboard doors will impact on the quality of your design, so aim to match it in with your countertops by choosing a similar colour or material. To add an extra vintage flare, source some unique handles from car boot sales, markets or antique stores, as there are some really beautiful period options that will have a big impact on the overall style. For extra storage ideas, why not search for some old wooden boxes and cases (such as those that contained wine) to place around the perimeter that can be filled with pretty much anything, whilst still adding a chic and vintage vibe.

Investing In The Right Equipment 

Getting all of the right equipment for your kitchen whilst sticking to a vintage aesthetic is actually easier than you might think, as there are many ranges that offer quality period design. Ensure that you tie in all of your countertop items like kettles and toasters as those with mismatched colours and brands will bring down the overall style of your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to buy secondhand, as this will no doubt increase the vintage feel dramatically, and services such as stove repair aren’t too expensive if you were to face an issue with the pieces functionality. Try not to forget any smaller items like handheld devices, serving plates and pots/pans, as this will save you time and stress in the future when you begin making use of your new and improved kitchen. 

The Final Touches

Adding some final touches is what really completes the whole design, and is such an important step of the process. Without a few decorations and personal items will make the small feel less like a showroom and more homely and comfortable instead, so now is the time to start thinking about what extra features you might like to add. From vintage art work to period patterned tea towels, glass mason jars and scented candles, there are so many different items to choose from. Vintage kitchen styles have so much scope to play with, and you can really have so much fun searching around to find those final touches. Flea markets and online bidding sites can usually contain some of the most authentic and beautiful pieces, and you can get these at a very respectable price if you’re ready to search around and haggle. 

Creating your own vintage style kitchen is such a fun experience, and it doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re ready to make use of secondhand items. Lay the best foundations with a chic wall colour and stylish countertops, and get creative when it comes to storage space. Add some final antique touches to complete the design!

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