How to Care for and Maintain your Knives: the Do’s and Don’ts

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Knives play a great role in your kitchen. There are several care tips you should employ to keep them working. First, ensure you have a block of the magnetic strip where you will hang the knives. Good care of the knives is necessary to avoid accidents. When the knives are put in a dishwasher, they can collide with other items making them lose the sharpness. Here are the dos and don’ts when handling knives.:


  1. Hone and sharpen the knives regularly

You need knife sharpening services so that the knives can serve well. There is no point in having knives that will not cut vegetables and fruits properly. As a care measure, ensure you sharpen the knives regularly to achieve the best performance. 

  1. Wash the knives right after use

After use, the knife’s surfaces will attract particles. The particles from fruits may accelerate the corrosion of the knives. Please make a point of washing them well before storage. You will also avoid hard stains if you can wash them immediately. 

  1. Dry the knives with a cloth

The knives should be properly dried before storage. A dry cloth will remove the moisture making the knives stay sharp. Get a dry cloth and remove all the water before storing the knives. Have a dry cloth in your kitchen and apply it to keep the knives clean. 

  1. Wash them by hand

The knives should be washed by hand at all times. It is necessary to preserve the look and quality of the knives. Getting a professional who will wash them makes it easy to achieve the best results. Be careful when cleaning sharp blades. There is a risk of cutting yourself if you do not do the job correctly. 


  1. Cut on the countertop

The sharp edges of your knife will become blunt if you cut items placed on the countertop. The blades will cut through and end up cutting the countertops. Cut lines will end up developing on the countertop, making it look unsightly.

  1. Put the knives into the dishwasher.

The dishwasher can easily damage the knives. It is good practice to avoid using it to wash knives at all times. The right way to wash your knives involves using hands to wash them with soap and water, then rinse and dry using a cloth. 

3. Leave the knife in the kitchen sink

The knives will start rusting if they are left in the kitchen sink. It is necessary to remove them and hang on a magnetic block. There is a high risk of accidents if the knives are left in the sink. Remember, the skin will get a field with water creating the perfect condition for corrosion.

4. Store the knives in the utensil drawer

The utensil drawer should not be used to sort your knives. After sharpening them, ensure you store them by hanging on the magnetic bar. It is good practice to hang the knives so that they can dry and stay sharp. Exposure to water can lead to corrosion. There is also the risk of cutting yourself if you can store them in a utensil drawer. 

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