Honua Bracelet A Great Little Stocking Stuffer For The TrendSetter

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Honua Bracelets are produced by Imperial Toys. Founded in 1969, Imperial Toy, LLC is the worldwide leader in the sale and manufacture of bubbles, novelty toys and more. Imperial continues to grow with award-winning proprietary brands, innovative products and the hottest nationally and internationally-known licenses.

So what in the world is a Honua Bracelet, right? Well, it is simple. Combining the strength and serenity of the four elements: fire, land, sky and water, Honua Bracelets symbolize the critical energy forces that sustain life on our planet and the power that they each possess. Each force has 6 styles to choose from. There are 24 styles in series 1.

With four elements and 24 different styles to wear, there’s always a Honua Bracelet to ground you, lift you up or give you that extra courage you need. No matter what personality, or mood you’re in-, there’s a Honua Bracelet for everyone!

  • Fire: Lava, Embers, Flame, Ash, Sparks, Lightning
  • Water: Surf, Glacier, Waterfall, Ocean, Tsunami, Coral
  • Land: Garden, Canyon, Forest, Oasis, Meadow, Rainforest
  • Sky: Rainbow, Aurora, Cloud, Sunset, Raindrops, Northern Lights

On the inside of the tag of each Honua Bracelet is a description of which element it is.

I received a couple of these for review and honestly, I think they are cool. They have a little bit of stretch to them and almost like a jelly like material. These would be perfect for any kiddo that enjoys fashion or setting new trends on the school block. You can purchase all 24 of these Honua Bracelets online at Imperial Toys for $28.99. This is the entire series one set.

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