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Home Maintenance Projects You Should Address Immediately

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It is no secret that regular and effective property maintenance is vital to home management globally. According to HomeAdvisor’s State of Home Spending Report, American homeowners spent about $1,105 on home maintenance projects in 2018.

Home Maintenance

While there are several essential issues that you must handle around the home, some require more urgent attention due to safety and financial benefits. Do you want to know which projects you should address immediately to save money and make your home safer? Consider the following points.

  1. Handle pest infestation

One mouse reproduces an average of six new baby mice about eight times annually. That’s forty-eight new uninvited guests causing all sorts of havoc around your home annually! Indeed, pests are a pesky problem that needs immediate attention because they are typically fast breeders who can cause significant damage to your home if left unaddressed.

Home Maintenance

Termites, roaches, rodents, ants, and fleas are among the most common pests that American homeowners battle. Therefore, hire an exterminator to handle a wide variety of pest problems around the home. You can avoid structural damage, health risks, and spending significant sums by getting rid of these pests in time.

  1. Get rid of mold

Mold is a real pain in the neck for many homeowners. This sneaky fungus grows quickly and is often unnoticed in many homes, hiding under suspended ceilings, inside walls, behind tiles, and many other ducts and crawl spaces. Since mold is a biohazard, occupants of moldy homes suffer significant harmful health risks like allergy triggers, which cannot be overlooked.

Home Maintenance

Additionally, mold’s rapid growth quickly damages your living space, affecting building materials and even personal possessions. Consequently, it would help to take proactive steps to eliminate any mold around your home immediately. DIY mold removal is often ineffective in combating mold’s menace, as it is a temporary solution.

Cleaning agents like bleach only mask the problem without eliminating the moisture source. Therefore, outsource all mold removal tasks to professionals for the best results, as they are better equipped to handle such bio-hazard restoration issues. Consider contacting top-notch experts to remove mold entirely to keep your family safe and save money.

  1. Clean your dryer vents

Clothes’ dryer maintenance is one of the most overlooked aspects of home maintenance you should be paying closer attention to. Dryer maintenance transcends merely cleaning your lint screen between laundry loads. Your dryer’s vents are vital, as clogged vents can cost you a fortune, your home, and possibly your life.

As such, ensure that your dryer is working correctly by monitoring how long your laundry takes to dry completely. If your dryer has been particularly slow lately or your laundry smells strange, it might be prudent to give your dryer a stitch in time.

Clogged vents are a dangerous fire hazard. The US Fire Administration estimates that cloth dryers account for 15,000 structure fires every year, with clogged dryer vents starting 80% of these fires.

Also, clogged vents can release toxic gas fumes affecting the health and safety of all home occupants. Clogged vents also take longer to work, making your electricity bill shoot up. Therefore, prioritize cleaning your dryer vents to preserve money, safety, and health.


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