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Hold The Jelly Bean! Jelly Belly Has New Sugar Free Gum?

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OMG. So as most of you know by my tattoos I just adore anything candy and I LOVE Jelly Belly. They recently came out with their new Jelly Belly Gum and I must say that I am totally digging it, I mean chewing it madly. No matter what time of the year you come to our home you will always find Jelly Belly in our cabinets and now you will find their gum as well.

These are the perfect little sweet treat to get you through your day with the amazing Jelly Belly flavor you all have come to love. What I love about this amazing gum that is a must have for your home is that this gum is available at Party City, Dollar General and Speedway and AMAZON!! Winning…..

Ok. So let me give you the low down on the flavors. Firstly, my total favorite is the very cherry. Since I was I child I would go through the Jelly Belly just to find the cherry flavor. I am madly in love and now I don’t have to search for it but I can enjoy the flavor for hours. I actually take these to my infusion treatments to get me through the long hours.

The next flavor is Island Punch and if you are looking for a “fruity Punch” you just found it. This is like a little party in your mouth with tiki torches and everything. This would have to be my second favorite of them all!

They also offer Berry Blue, which really reminds me of a fresh blue berry. As well as the Watermelon, not going to lie I am not much for Watermelon but it was just like a Jelly Belly Jelly Bean, when it comes to flavor.

Even my dog Ike was just bugging me to get his hands on a piece.

All of these flavors are iconic to the Jelly Belly lover and the perfect little sweet treat on those long days sitting at your desk, trying to work but looking at Facebook, oh wait! That’s me.

The Jelly Belly Gum will be in my upcoming guide this holiday season but I think this should be something you check out now! Like, go get your car keys or jump on Amazon and start chewing. Trust me, You will thank me in the end. Happy Chewing my friends and to all those peeps over at Jelly Belly, Bravo!!


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