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You would not believe it, but it took me years after I graduated high school to figure out that postsecondary education is the way to go. Living in North Carolina, I am proud to say that I have been part of their higher education programs, and higher education works. Today, I want to discuss with you the Higher Education Works Foundation with you and share with you 10 ways you can get organized.

It is so hard to explain how important it is to get a higher education than just a high school diploma. Don’t get me wrong; I am not knocking those that stopped at high school, but the impact that higher education can have on your life, as well as those around you, is amazing, not to mention it helps to break the cycle of poverty.

In North Carolina, higher education works. It is a strong economic driver. We need to keep North Carolina higher education systems well-funded, affordable and accessible so that North Carolinians can get valuable higher education credentials. Most jobs will require some sort of postsecondary credential, so we need to be diligent in our efforts because our systems are at risk.

One thing that we need more of is everyday citizens to help make an effort to show the importance of the North Carolina public universities and community college. Funding and financial support of our higher education systems in North Carolina is vitally important.

What is really different when it comes to North Carolina is that the state has a constitutional  mandate that requires the NC General Assembly to provide all citizens with affordable higher education:

Our constitution reads; “The General Assembly shall provide that the benefits of the University of North Carolina and other public institutions of higher education, as far as practicable, be extended to the people of the State free of expense.”

I live in a very rural county, Ashe County, in the mountains of North Carolina. I have seen firsthand, as I did not move here until later in life, the lack of motivation to continue education. I was shocked to find this — there are opportunities in Ashe County for those who continue their education.


By having a great education beyond high school, you are not only improving your economic mobility but you’re changing your life as well.

I attended classes at Caldwell Community College and Appalachian State University.  Then finished my degree online, as I fell ill, but it was one of the best experiences that I could have had. I have always been pleased with what I have learned from attending school in North Carolina, and I know that I could not do what I do today if it were not for that education.

One thing that I did learn while attending school in North Carolina was the fact that organization is a must! It is something that will travel with you throughout not only your school years but through your lifetime. Below, I wanted to share 10 ways to help organize your life. These are steps that can be used throughout your time in college and beyond.

10 Ways to Help You Organize **Set Yourself Up For Success**

Set a Goal

Goal setting is the first step to getting organized. By creating your own set of priorities, you’re eliminating what doesn’t serve you and welcoming positive energy.  The trick here is to start with small, attainable goals as opposed to one major one. This will help you eliminate feeling overwhelmed and allow you to celebrate small victories. Write your goals down so that it’s easy to see what needs to be done.

Hold Yourself Accountable

It’s easy to miss the gym or slack off on your passion project when there aren’t any real consequences to your actions. Instead of leaving your progress up to chance, hold yourself accountable for actually doing what you set out to do. This will help you to stick to your schedule and stay organized. Consider keeping a journal to stay on track and accountable.

Reward Yourself

In order to meet your goals and stay motivated, you have to reward yourself. Celebrate even the smallest of victories and reward yourself with self-care treats when you meet your goals. This will keep you excited about your goals and tempted to continue.

Set Alarms

One of the best ways to stay on top of your to-do list is to set alarms. Whether it’s on your phone or setting traditional alarm clocks, having that little reminder will help you stay on track. Set your bill schedule, deadlines and other important information so you can always stay in the know.


Free Planner Printable

Planners are not just trendy, but they’re helpful tools to keep you on task and accountable. People use them as scrapbooks, journals and more. Keep your life organized by investing in a good planner. This will give you a visual of what you need to accomplish. You can write out your feelings, create monthly vision boards and keep track of your events. Writing out your responsibilities will give you clarity that is unmatched. Download the free planner here.



Trying to stay organized in a cluttered space is counterproductive. In fact, it can bring about more stress than you initially intended. Start by cleaning out all forms of clutter that you may have. Throw away old clothes, items and junk that ís simply holding you back. This will help you develop your mental strength and stay organized.

Create a Monthly Goal

Each month provides an opportunity for a new start. Take advantage of this gift by setting goals you can meet. If you noticed that you struggled with productivity last month, make that a priority this month. It even helps to create vision boards with your monthly goals illustrated on them. This will help you to stay on track in the coming months.

Practice Saying No

One of the biggest hurdles to sticking to your personal schedule is getting caught up in other tasks. For example, Wednesdays are your designated gym days. However, your friends want to go out for drinks after work on Wednesday night. You haven’t been sticking to your schedule and it’s impacting your mental health.

What do you do? Well, start by learning how to put yourself first and say no. Distractions, whether positive or negative, can throw you off of your schedule. This can make you feel disorganized and anxious. Learn how to say no and not feel guilty about it. What I like to do is find something else that I enjoy doing. I love taking walks, enjoying an Oui and taking pictures of the beautiful mountains.

Wake Up Earlier

If you challenge yourself to wake up 15-30 minutes earlier each day, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish. Doing this will give you the opportunity to complete your intended tasks and start the day with a fresh mind.

Prepare for the Day the Night Before

We’ve all been there – rushing to get everything together while still trying to make appointments on time. The best way to alleviate those rushed feelings is to prepare for your days the night before. Lay your clothes out, pack your lunch and get your items ready before bed. This will make your morning routine seamless and enjoyable.

Getting organized is definitely a challenge, but it’s a fulfilling one. Like I said, throughout life and all of my employers, I have been expected to be organized. This is one thing that you can start to implement now before you even start your new classes.  No matter what your life goals are when it comes to employment most employers do want to see a degree of some sort. This does not have to be a four-year degree but having continued onto a higher education can give you a huge leg up when applying for that perfect job.


Get Started Molding Your Future In North Carolina

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