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So I have been super focused on things that can add value to my life and make me a healthier person in general. Today I wanted to share with you a few products that I think are fabulous, that will be included in our holiday guide from Brondell.  Brondell, is a “Healthy Home” company based in San Francisco that brings you products to help your home be more than just a home.

I was able to check out two of their items, first of all let’s start off with something that is a total must in any home and my new shower “must-have”. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to go to a spa and get treatments as much as I would like to so being able to have a spa like atmosphere in my home is amazing.

The VivaSpring Vitamin C Shower Filter collection harnesses the natural power of vitamin C by reducing destructive free chlorine in your water. Each filter is infused with an exclusive delicate essence and provides rejuvenating properties that moisturize, leaving your skin and hair with a natural glow.

At first my husband though I was crazy using these Vitamin C Shower Filters, but then I caught him using it…ummm..see how things change. He said they made his skin feel just like a newborn baby. Personally, I adore how refreshing it is to get in the shower.

They offer all kinds of scents like Strawberry, Lemon, Rose Water and so many more. My favorite would have to be the Cherry Blossom. It smells so good and it is so relaxing for me.

What is really awesome is that I can use these in both bathrooms as not only will these work for the standard shower head but for the hand-held as well. Having RA sometimes I can’t stand to take a shower so I use the other bathroom with the hand-held and my seat.

I have super sensitive skin and I have had no problem at all using any of these filters, which is awesome.

The second product that I received to try out and share is something that is a total must in your home. Sure a Vitamin C Filter for your shower is amazing but one thing I do think every home needs is a good air purifier and humidifier.

Brondell offers the Revive Air Purifier and Humidifier, which is everything you would want in a good system. One thing that really sets this apart from many products I have seen in the past is that it has duel true HEPA filters. Dual True HEPA filters remove 99.97% of particulates and allergens larger than 0.3 microns. Dual suction and dual True HEPA filters means this machine is working double time for you.

Using evaporative humidification and dual true HEPA filtration, Revive doesn’t just purify the air but refreshes it as well. Air is drawn in through two suction points on the front and back of the unit, where it’s passed through dual carbon and true HEPA certified filters, removing 99.7% of all particulate matter, allergens, and pollutants.

With evaporative humidification, water is wicked up through a specialized filter, where the air then passes through and is evenly distributed throughout your home, instead of concentrating around the unit or damaging furniture with dense vapor pockets. This means steady, clean, quenched air without the damp spots of traditional steam vaporizers or impeller humidifiers.

Not only does this work perfectly but is also has a very nice modern design and comes in two color options, black or white. For me this is a no contest win and perfect for any home that is looking for a more cleaner atmosphere for their families.

I love the large display on the top of the unit which makes it so easy to use.

This might sound gross and I am sorry but I want to tell you just how well this works. I live in the mountains of North Carolina and it is super dusty around here. I blow my nose and it is just dirt. Most of my time is spent inside, so that is really weird. Ever since I started to use this system I have really cleared up that issue. TMI? I think not…It works…

I do hope that you check out all the products that Brondell has to offer. They have an assortment of different products to help you live a healthier life in your home.

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