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Healthy Beef Recipes To Try This Winter

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Beef is the perfect hearty meat for the winter. However, in certain forms, beef can be very fattening. By choosing the right beef and serving it in the right ways, you can keep it healthy. Below are a few tips on cooking beef for when you want to keep the calorie count low. 

Cook with ground sirloin beef

When it comes to ground beef, you have the option of cooking with ground chuck, ground sirloin and basic ground beef. Ground sirloin beef is the leanest and most ideal for when you want to watch your waistline (basic ground beef is often the most fattening). It can sometimes be a little dry, so doesn’t work well in all meals (it’s best avoided in burgers), however can be a great option in chillis or pasta dishes. There are many super easy ground beef recipes out there to try. Be wary that portion size can make a big impact.

Make a healthy chilli

By using ultra lean beef mince and by packing it out with other ingredients, you can make a very healthy chilli con carne. A few ingredients to fill it out so that you use less meat could include pepper, potato and kidney beans. You can also pack in lots of spices such as paprika, cumin and oregano. Try not to serve with too much rice. 

Try a pot roast

Another option could be a super-healthy pot roast. By using a relatively small portion of beef and packing out the pot roast with veggies, you can make this a very healthy meal. A few chunky vegetables to add to the pot roast include potato, carrot and celery. Use onions, garlic, worcester sauce and herbs to provide an extra kick of flavor. 

Whip up a casserole

A casserole could be another hearty option that is ideal for the winter. Such a casserole includes much of the ingredients of a pot roast, but with a more liquidy stew consistency. For best results, it’s worth slow cooking the mixture for several hours so that the meat and vegetables become tender. Try not to season with too much salt or to use too much butter if you’re keeping it healthy. Use flour if you need to thicken it and water if you need to make it less thick. 

Cook beef on skewers

You could also consider adding beef chunks to skewers and grilling them. On these skewers, you could also add vegetables such as peppers, onions or zucchini. To give these skewers more flavor, consider adding a marinade. Using ginger, cloves, raw honey and chilli, you can make a delicious and healthy teriyaki marinade to drizzle over the top. Serve this up with a salad to give it an extra vitamin boost. 


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