Handcrafted In Style: TinselBox Valentine’s Day Delight

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Recently I have started to try to get more crafty in life. Making my own cards and of course, glam planning. I don’t know why but I have always been afraid to do crafty things because of my tremors; they seem never to come out right when I do. This Valentine’s Day think out of the box and get crafty with the TinselBox. 

I have to admit that I was so stinking excited to get the chance to check out this box because this Valentine’s Day the TinselBox is all about love letters. Who does not adore receiving and giving love letters? I know that I love to receive a card out of the blue from my hubby, and I enjoy giving him cards as well, but this Valentine’s Day, I have the perfect card. 

Included in the box was everything you need to not only make your love letters look beautiful but learn a new skill while doing it, well I learned a new skill. I have never had beautiful handwriting like I said I have tremors in my hands, so it is tough to trace even a line, but I totally enjoyed the Calligraphy Set. Along with the takeaway cards to perfect your calligraphy, I also received two pens a Black Micron Pen and Red Gelly Roll. 

Along with the calligraphy set, I also received in the TinselBox adorable heart glitter banner. These have so many uses. You could string them together or use then to decorate Valentines Gifts. Along with the heart, banner were two cute Valentine’s Day cards one was just too funny not to use for my husband this year. 

How funny is that card???LOL…Also, in the box came a box of Sweethearts which I was going to put with my gift but ended up eating them..he he he…That is how I roll. I used all of the product (minus the Sweethearts) I used to create my Valentine’s Day card for my hubby bubby. 

This has to be the most fun that I have had with a subscription box in a long time. I love that you can create different things with the products in the box. TinselBox is just fabulous!! There is still time to get this subscription box. The cost of TinselBox is $19.99 or $39.99. (The box that I received for this posting is the $19.99 TinselBox) I would suggest checking it out if you love doing crafts and just receiving amazingly fun products. 

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