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Great Ways To Boost Your Online Gaming Experience

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Although online gaming has grown in popularity in recent years, it still requires an excellent internet connection speed and several other parameters to maximize your gaming experience. According to recent Statista data, the global online gaming industry generated an estimated $21 billion representing 22% growth in 2020. However, a few issues affect your gaming experience, including poor internet connection and lagging. Here are four simple ways to boost your online gaming experience.

  1. Upgrade your broadband internet

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Many gamers make the mistake of believing that having a broadband connection entitles them to play online games. Not all broadband connections can play online games, even if they can open websites quickly. Because online games consume a lot of data, you’ll need a fast internet connection to get the job done. Playing online games on a slower connection than 5 Mbps is not recommended. You need at least 15 Mbps if you are going to play games online. However, consider the bandwidth too if you have other people in your household connect their devices to the internet. Activities like downloading and streaming can easily strain your bandwidth and slow your internet speed.

  1. Go for low latency

The time it takes for data to get from its source to its destination is known as network latency. The less latency there is, the better. If you’re playing a game with a lot of latency, you can command your character to walk forward, but they won’t move for a few seconds. This is the source of lagging. High-speed internet with minimal latency is the greatest combination. A ping rate of fewer than 150 milliseconds is considered low latency. 20 milliseconds is considered excellent.

Latency, like bandwidth, is determined by factors other than your broadband connection. It is influenced by your network hardware, the location and connectivity of the remote server, and the router. You may want to consider Ark server hosting with high uptime for the best gaming experience.

  1. Update your game and systems

You must keep your system’s drivers and firmware up to date. Most of the time, updating these will fix bugs and improve performance. For example, graphic drivers frequently bring major gameplay improvements, making it necessary to update these drivers regularly. Similarly, make it a point to keep your games updated and patched, as these patches contain significant changes that will greatly improve performance.

  1. Get a better computer or console

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When it comes to gaining better gaming speeds, you should never underestimate the influence on your PC or console. When you play online games, the gaming servers will need to use your computer’s hardware to connect to you. This means you want to make sure your computer or console is fast and dependable. It is necessary to upgrade your PC RAM, expand your storage, and limit the number of updates in your PC background, and so on. Apart from keeping your PC or gaming console in good condition, you want to play the best games that attract players from all over the world.


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