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Oh, coffee how I love you. If you follow Bites Reviews at all, you know how much I love coffee. I have not always been this way. In fact, I am not really allowed to drink coffee because it makes my tremors worst, imagine that, but I don’t know what I would do without it. When I wake in the morning till the moment my head hits the pillow, I am usually drinking some sort of coffee. Today I would like to tell you about a great gourmet coffee subscription box called the Bean Box. Their mission is to bring caffeinated delight and the world’s finest artisan coffees to our customers in every Bean Box, and they do just that.

One place that I have always wanted to visit is Seattle and one day I will get there, but Seattle is known for the coffee (well that is what I know it for). Seattle is the world capital for amazing, locally-roasted, authentic coffee experiences. You can’t go a hundred yards without finding a coffee shop that treats a cup of coffee like a form of art. 

The Bean Box is perfect for anyone that enjoys trying out new coffees from some of the best roasters such as Kuma Coffee and Seattle Coffee Works. The Bean Box was generous enough to send me a box to try out while giving one away to one of my lucky coffee addicted readers! First off, let me tell you what was in my box. 

Include in the Bean Box were four coffee brands, Kuma Coffee, Herkimer Coffee, Light House Roasters and Conduit. Don’t even ask me which was my favorite because they all were so different. That is one thing that I really enjoyed about the Bean Box. Each blend was very different and offered a wide selection and nothing but goodness for your palate. 

About The Brands And Flavors:

  • Kuma Coffee: Known around Seattle and beyond for their precision roasting, Kuma Coffee has won numerous award for their coffee. Panama Carmen Reserve is a bright roast with notes of blackberry, starfruit, and plum.
  • Herkimer Coffee: Herkimer Coffee is a local icon with meticulous attention to detail and a wide variety of specialty roasts. Their Drip Blend is a great everyday roast with hints of cherry, caramelized sugar and chocolate. 
  • Light House Roasters Fine Coffee: One of Seattle’s original roasters, Lighthouse prides itself on more than 20 years experience hand roasting premium batches. Their Roaster’s Choice blend has a dark, bold taste that engages the whole palate. 
  • Conduit: Conduit roasts with a focus on ethical and sustainable practices. In true Seattle style, they deliver their beans by bike! Their Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora has notes of vanilla, chocolate, and melon. 

As you can imagine, I have had a coffee lovers delight trying all of these flavors. Each of the packets of coffee contained whole beans so you will want to make sure you have your grinder ready to roll. My husband and I actually collect coffee grinders, so I really had my choice of burr grinders. A burr grinder is what the Bean Box recommends when grinding your coffee beans, but you could also use a blade or blender. 

In all this box is totally amazing and it was so much fun trying out the different brands. Until I can get my little butt out to Seattle, the Bean Box is the best option for trying out some of Seattle’s best coffee brands. There are a couple of ways that you can subscribe to the Bean Box one being monthly at $20.00, one year at $17.00 a month and six months for $18.00 a month. Make sure to check out all of their options and also check out the Coffee Of The Month Club. You can find all the subscription options here

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