Get Organized With WallPops Gold Confetti Organization Kit & Dots

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For 2016, my entire goal is to get more organized. As my blog and responsibilities grow each month, I am finding that I need to be scheduled and on point. There are so many ways that I now use to help keep me organized including “glam planning” and having an editorial calendar in place for each month. I am the type of person that has to have their schedule in front of them at all times and in a couple of places throughout the home, or I get off track, which is not an option this year. 

One excellent product that I would like to share with you to help you and your family stay on track is the WallPops Gold Confetti Organization Kit. These are really an organizers dream because not only are they “in your face” they also are beautifully made. 


I decided to put these in my office so that I can just turn around in my chair and write down what I need to remember or schedule everything that I need to with ease. I use these as my first line of defense to staying organized and on track. Whenever I get an email to schedule a posting it goes in the notes till everything is set in stone. Then I write it on the calendar. 

With the Gold Confetti Organization Kit, you receive four stick on products. Three are Dry-Erasable including the notes, calendar, and weekly planner. Along with these three, you also receive a cork board for attaching important papers. Each sheet is a 13 X 13 piece, so you have plenty of room to organize your “must do’s”.

I am just totally in love with these!! Not only are they super cute but functional as well. WallPops not only offers the Confetti Organization Kit but they also offer many other products including an entire line of dry erase products that are perfect for keeping busy schedules organized – calendars, message boards, and dots. They also have wonderful peel-and-stick chalkboard products that are great for organizing busy homes.

Not only did I enjoy sticking the Organization Kit in my office but I also received a set of their wall dots in gold to match the kit. I am a very busy person and not only do I enjoy being busy but I love a busy office with everything that I love so the Gold Wall Dots certainly gave me that extra pop that I was looking for. 

The Dots were very easy to apply just as the Gold Confetti Organization Kit. You just simply peel and stick! I don’t think it could get much easier than that. 

I am in love with my two new additions to my office, and I know that so far the Gold Confetti Organization Kit has come in handy so much. The Gold Dots just add a bit of fun, and I love that they are super easy to apply as well as remove when needed. 

The Gold Confetti Organization Kit is priced at $26.99 and the Gold dots either in Metallic or Foil are $14.99. I can’t wait to look more around the WallPops site. You can really let your imagination run wild while still finding products that are functional. 

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