Glow From Head To Toe Mason Jar Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

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Valentine’s day has always been a favorite holiday of mine. I just love that I can really go out and get something personal for everyone in my life and something that they can really use. Unlike Christmas, I feel that Valentine’s day is a day of love. A day that you just spend your time with the ones that you love without extravagant gifts.

For me, I adore to receive gifts that help me pamper myself, so I have created a little “Glow From Head To Toe” Mason Jar Valentine’s Day gift idea to share with you.



Recently I had the chance to check out some of the Glow from Head To Toe collection from, and I have fallen in love with these couple of products. Firstly, let me tell you a bit about each of them.

Glow from Head to Toe Collection


Repairing Hair Mask: Emergency relief for damaged hair. Delivers deep moisture to promote healthy shine

Day Cream Dry: Combines natural extracts and anti-aging peptides to soothe, moisturize, and replenish parched, dry skin

Night Cream Dry: Formulated with cooling cucumber scent, our Night Cream Dry Skin deeply moisturizes your skin while you sleep. Wake up each day with a rested appearance and enjoy hydrated, healthy looking skin during even the driest of weather

Body Butter: Our ultra-rich, spa-quality Body Butter gives you 100% moisture and 0% greasy after feel. It’s formulated with naturally-soothing ingredients like cocoa butter to soften even the driest of skin

Exfoliant: A gentle and effective way to remove dead skin and impurities – because smooth and luminous skin is beautiful skin

Each of these products have really spoiled me beyond belief, and as I get ready to use them all again tonight (I am excessive and the Hair Mask is to die for) I wanted to share with you an easy DIY gift idea using these items. 


All you will need are a couple of items from the Glow From Head To Toe collection, a mason jar, some red stringed beads, and some hearts on a stick (or any other decorations you might want to use). I chose the hearts on a stick because these can be reused as well as the clip on silver decorations.


After you are done filling the mason Jar with the goodies from Modere all you have to do is to decorate. I chose to keep mine simple, but you can use a cutting machine to really decorate the jar itself to help personalize the gift.

I would recommend checking out the Modere Glow From Head To Toe line not only to pamper someone you know but yourself 🙂 You can check out the entire collection here, or you can purchase each item individually above.

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