Give Your House Move Some Order With These Five Tips

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Everyone who has ever moved house knows how hard it is to pack up a home and get moving. It’s the most annoying, frustrating and time-consuming piece of the moving puzzle. If the packing goes wrong, the whole move and its organization are thrown off. The boxes being packed incorrectly can mean they’re in the wrong rooms, which means you aren’t in any kind of order in the new house. It’s just a whole load of stress that you really don’t need.

You have to be able to call your house move to order, and it starts long before Allied Van Lines arrive to move everything for you. You have to make sure that you are organized and ready to go, and it begins with the five tips below.

  1. Declutter It All. It’s essential to reduce your stuff before you move. You want to bring with you only what you need. If you have a few items in your boxes, you can always build up in the new house, and it makes life so much easier when it comes to unpacking. It means that you know you only have what you need! You will also get to save money on your packaging and materials for it. 
  2. Don’t Wait. Waiting around until the last minute to pack your home is a bad idea. It would help if you packed as early as possible so that you can remain organized. You want to make a list here, dedicating a specific amount of time to packing each day – even if just an hour. You can get a lot done with an hour!
  3. Be Effective. Wrap with bubble wrap and paper and pack from the rooms you use the least first, and move through them systematically bit by bit. You can pack an entire home in a few days if you are productive with the packing routine that you use.
  4. Buy Quality Supplies. Your whole move can go without a hitch with the right materials. If you’ve bought cheap, flimsy boxes, you’re not going to be able to pack much at all. The boxes will need to have few items due to the weight not being appropriately held in them, so it’s essential to have double-walled boxes and strong packing tape. Always buy from the best in packing materials, whether that’s direct with your movers or a company that they can recommend. 
  5. Ask For Help. If you don’t have anyone who can help you pack your home and get it ready for moving, you can always pay professionals to do it for you. If you care about the way your things are organized, it may not be for you, but it’s still an option if you are too busy. 

You don’t have to move house under an umbrella of stress. Allow yourself to move home in total peace with a little organization and a lot of help from those around you. Arm yourself with your label maker; it’s time to get this house-packing show on the road.

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