Getting The Most from Your Home Appliances

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We’re firmly into that time of year when everything breaks. We’re spending money on Christmas presents. We’ve got food to buy, decorations to spend money on and time off work to cover. The kids need Christmas outfits for school, Christmas lists are mounting, and both time and money are running out. So, naturally, everything breaks. Boilers need new parts. Cars break down, pipes freeze and burst and all of our appliances decide to stop working.

Really it’s only to be expected. Things like fridges and freezers, ovens and central heating systems are under a lot more strain than they are during the warmer months, and anything outdoors is having to cope with the cold. But, that doesn’t mean that we are prepared when it happens. Expensive repairs and replacements couldn’t come at a worse time. So, let’s take a look at some ways to get more out of our appliances, to help us navigate winter time without the risk of more bills.


Buy Quality

Sometimes, you pay for a brand name. If something is ridiculously expensive and no better than cheaper options, you might just be paying for a name. But, when it comes to appliances, it’s worth buying what you can afford, within reason. Higher quality appliances last longer and often come with a more extended guarantee.

Get Decent Repairs When You Need Them

When something breaks, don’t just patch it up and hope for the best, or you’ll always be patching up and spending money on repairs until it can no longer be mended. If you want your appliances to last for longer and keep working at their best without the need for constant work, pay for good quality appliance repair from trusted tradespeople.

Keep them Clean

Believe it or not, keeping even simple appliances like your kettle and toaster clean can massively extend their life, and enable them to do their jobs properly for longer. Read the care instructions when you buy something new. Regularly wipe things down and clean off debris, and take the time to clean and replace filters and deep clean your appliance at least twice a year.

Service the Essentials

A yearly service of big appliances and things like your boiler can help you to get more life out of them, keep them working at their best and ensure that they don’t let you down when you need them the most. When it comes to your boiler, it’s a good idea to get it serviced at the end of summer or in autumn, so that you know it’s going to cope well with winter.

Use Appliances Correctly

Using things correctly is perhaps the best way to get more from them. Look after them, keep them clean and use them as they are supposed to be used, and they’ll give you much more in return. This might mean that you need to read the manual before you bin it with the box though.

Most expensive appliances should last for years, but even cheaper things like a kettle should be able to work well for up to five years. You certainly shouldn’t find that everything breaks or starts to fail every winter. Take the time to care for them, and they won’t.

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